Happiness 2

If you are happy and you know…..

When my sister gave me this task to write about Happiness, the first thing that struck me was that it is a very vague topic.How can anyone write about it? She very wisely said-“Thats the challenge, Right?'” I dismissed the idea immediately, but as always, the idea was there on the back of my mind.

I asked this question to myself-Am I happy? Now,I asked my sister for a suggestion to write about and i usually write only when something strongly inspires me or when I am really restless.Since the former didnt happen, I was really restless. So the obvious answer was-No, not really! But I coudn’t find a specific reason to not be happy and it seemed to be a combination of various factors.

With my sisters suggestion in mind, I browsed about the meaning of happiness.I came across many so-called “defintions” of happiness, none of which made any sense.

While the reason behind the restlessness is not the purpose of the article, I also felt myself getting irritated at the people who matter the most for failing to recogonise the restlessness.

I thought about all the times when I really was happy- Time with family, time with friends, college days, school days, trips with friends, the moment when my final results were announced etc etc. I realised that the present moment is no different from the rest. Life had, has, and will continue to be grateful.

I also realized that I was being unfair to the closest people in my life.I couldn’t really expect them to miraculously read my mind, when I didnt give them the slightest hint. I realized that when you don’t have the guts to speak what you feel, you shouldn’t expect people to understand.

I made it a task to overcome the uncertain feeling on my own. I kept on repeating to myself that All is Good and tried to keep the negative thoughts at a distance. Negative thoughts create a negative aura around you and attracts more negativity. I soon found myself,within a couple of days, get over the restlessness. A sense of calm came upon. And I finally came across a defintion that was meaningful-

“Happiness is something that you are and it comes from the way you think.”


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