And after all, you’re my wonder wall

Today’s guest post is by Dolly a.k.a Nitya who discusses the meaning of Wonder wall by Oasis.

I was listening to the song “wonder wall” by Oasis at night. And I drifted into thinking about what it means. I came across many interpretations of the lyrics-Of someone who is in love, but fails to express it, Having an imaginary friend etc etc. Here is what I think about the song.

Wonderwall refers to someone or something that keeps you going. I am sure all of us have a wonderwall. Someone who brings a smile on your face when you feel like crying. When all hell breaks lose, the thought of whom, the presence of whom makes you feel that alls not lost yet. The one who gives inspiration to carry on.

There are many people who come to my mind when I think of this, my family, my friends.Although I fail to express it often, I feel lucky to have you all as my Wonderwall. We might not always talk, or share much, but theres that bond thats special and cannot be replaced.Thanks to you. I am, who I am today. My pillar of support, my fortress of protection. I cannot imagine a world without you all. And I thank God for the wonder walls of my life.

Everyone has a wonder wall, who’s yours???

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