The lovely snow capped mountain was staring at me quite audaciously. It was teasing me to come and experience it up, close and personal. I was in two minds—should I, should I not?? That it was a training ground for legends like Edmund Hillary was not lost to me. And there was that mind boggling number—1,085 meter high. It makes Snowdon mountain range in Wales the highest range in the area. It wasn’t a mere tease but flirting with danger. So again the question remained—Should I, Should I not??


But sometimes we all need to man up. This definitely was my time. With my boy prodding me, I rolled up my sleeves and decided to take the hike. We gingerly started our trek on this Alpine topography. The path we chose was easy but still less used because the mountains can be a bit tricky with snow. Perhaps, it was this prospect of danger that kept us going. That the only way is up. With each passing stretch the lovely village of Snowdon seemed to pass away becoming a mere dot in the humungous landscape. The heavenly vista of bluish-white Mountains is beautifully broken by glistening, icy lakes and the mountain train which takes you through the range.



After about five hours we reached the peak and before we knew it, we were enveloped in a cover of snow while wind billowed with full thrust. It’s only with lot of willpower you try to move up to reach the peak. Finally, we reached the peak. And it was like experiencing God, the wind doesn’t kiss here it bites you. You reach top and you feel very humbled. There’s a reason why it’s lonely at the top because no man or beast is quite strong enough for nature. If the peaks decided to unleash its fury; only the unseen God can save you. But then the view, the calmness of mind, the agony of the untrained muscle is worth all the efforts. Mountains are not to be underestimated. If going up is challenging, coming down is equally is tricky. With each step I gingerly took I felt the snow melting right under my feet, the surface stirring me a bit. It was demanding every ounce of attention. Meditation! We reach down in about two hours passing through hordes of pretty little yellow flowers and school of sheep munching away oblivious to everything.Image

When you reach down, it’s a moment of realisation–that  Earth can really hold you down.
It’s strangely calming.


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