Summer knits

Yes, I know summer and knits is an oxymoron for most us but if you are living in this part of the world, you would agree that summer is just a giant flash in the pan! It might be sunshine, cheer and a glass of Pimms for the rest of the world but for us it is mighty winds, perpetual rain and cold seeping our senses.

So, light knits are one of the most integral part of my summer wardrobe. Since I am a bit of rebel (mostly without any cause šŸ˜‰ ), I refuseĀ  to let this dampen my spirits and have paired my trusty summer knit with a colourful little skirt.



I feel with so much greyness and dampness around me, colours can bring in some much needed cheer. I have chosen aĀ  knit with a broad boat neck and rolled up short sleeves because it enhances my curves nicely while the light-weight material doesn’t weigh me down allowing me to walk tall and proud.

5Skirt: Asos, Knitted top:HnM, Pumps: Clarks, Bag: Aldo, Earrings: Asos, Cuffs: BHS

Lips: Mac “O’, Eyes: Bodyshop kohl in light blue


Add some not-so-little accessories likeĀ  statement earrings and a bold cuff and there’s my go-to uniform for days when the weather is confused about the season!!

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