Love Note

Standing at the airport tarmac,

I remembered the days when our lives entered a hallmark

My heart refreshed the stories of the days spent in goodness

O’ the glorious four days

When we decided the two of us should be one.

Do you remember those beautiful moments?

When like Siamese twins

We were together

From dawn till dusk

Throughout the morning till the twilight

You held my hands, I smiled

We exchanged words

Celebrated silences

Stole glances, oblivious to the moving world.

Under the starry skies amidst the cool breezes

We kissed softly

While my raven tresses caressed your face

People came, people went

But the world was lost to us,

Amidst the bright shining meadow

I gave you my neck to

Mangle, tangle, bite and taste

Inside the rickety auto

We held hands lost in each other’s eyes

We were in love

Gloriously in Love.

Like all good things, the days came to an end

You left, promising to return soon.

I smiled bravely telling you I am strong

But my eyes did cry a river

When the shadow of your body

The outline of your skin

Became a tiny dot

In the airport horizon.

Standing at the airport tarmac

My heart tells me you will come

And we will once again live

The magic of our togetherness 🙂

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