Little things that matter

Today’s guest post is rather special simply because she is special. She was my former editor (in India). I joined the team as a curious cub writer and she took me under her wings. Since then she has become my friend, my mentor and my confidant. Rajashree Balaram (Associate Editor with Femina) is a wonderful person and writer extraordinaire who made me fall in love for the second time….with words and the beauty one can create with it. Over to you Rajji 😀


I like it when I smell a bit of lemon and pepper on those fingers that have just switched off the kitchen light. I am happy when hair rinsed clean by shampoo still gives a hint of herbs and coconut. Or when your neck smells of salt even when you have washed the beach away under the shower. I like it when you hold a man close, and the warmth of his skin lingers deeper than his deodorant. I love the adorable smell that babies have around their mouth that no powder puff can take away. Or when the white lilies in the vase fill up my room with their scent even though they are dying. I like it that with every breath I take, life gives me so many little things to live for.


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