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Via: Google Images

Via: Google Images

With the Fashion Week frenzy ready to start soon; it is only natural to celebrate September in style. Here, I am bringing you five films that has immensely shaped my style and thoughts. The countdown begins.

Devil Wears Prada (2006):

Who cannot remember this story of a young, naïve girl whose only dream is to be a serious magazine journalist but stumbles into the ruthless world of fashion journalism? Andy (Anne Hathaway) becomes an assistant to the most tenacious fashion boss Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep) who derides her perpetually for not being slender and challenges her with impossible demands. Streep’s Priestly is icy and “not interested in the tales of your incompetency.”  Who can forget her infamous pursing of lips and the little speech on Cerulean. The humour in this one directed by David Frankel is as spiky as all the Jimmy Choos. Also starring Stanley Tucci, Emily Blunt, and Adrian Grenier.

Zoolander (2001):

Actor and director Ben Stiller’s satire on the fashion industry borders on being a comedy genius. Derek Zoolander (Stiller) is a premiere male model, coming to the end of his time, thanks to rising blond bombshell Hansel (Wilson). Zoolander realises that there should be more to life than “being really, really, really good looking,” and decides to hang his boots. But once bitten you can never bid goodbye to this industry. Sharp fashion-speak drivel and cameos by Victoria Beckham, David Bowie and Billy Zane provides authenticity to the idiocy.

Coco Before Chanel (2009):

A fitting tribute to the creator of the famous LBD; this French film directed by Anne Fontaine chronicles the early life Chanel who went onto become the most significant name in the industry. Audrey Tautou plays Gabrielle (Coco) who was fuelled by only one desire – to rise above her humble origins. Coco disregards corsets, dresses in men’s garments, and adapts simple hats and fisherman’s shirts to a brilliant chic effect. A true visionary, Tautou portrays Chanel with brutal sincerity and tender sympathy. Watch it for great story telling and of course, the lovely garments. Fashion lover or not, Coco Chanel was an icon like no one.

The September Issue (2009):

No fashion-speak is complete without the mention of Anna Wintour, the brains behind the fashion Bible—Vogue. In this documentary, director R.J Cutler gives us a sneak peek into Wintour’s world and her formidable gaze. It gives us an unprecedented admission to Vogue’s creative world as the year’s most important and bulkiest—September issue—is made. We follow Wintour as she visits the annual Fashion Week shows, accepts or dismisses the latest creations of the biggest names in fashion, and labours with her staff to determine what the world’s fashionistas will be wearing for the next one year. “There is something about Fashion that can make people nervous,” says Wintour. After watching the movie I only agree with her more.

Funny Face (1956):

Directed by Stanley Donen, it’s the tale of Jo (Audrey Hepburn) who falls into modeling purely by accident. A bookshop clerk, she has no interest in the world of modeling, until a photographer (Fred Astaire) decides she has the perfect look for a new campaign. She’s whisked away to Paris for a shoot with dramatic gowns, romantic scenery with the ethereal city on the background.

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