Fall Colours

Fall Colours

Fall Colours

As much as I love the novelty of Fall–the crisp autumn leaves fallen on ground, the nip in the air and sunlight playing hide and seek. I dislike the sudden burst of cold biting my senses and the general greyness. The best way to inject some colour and break this greyness? Bright coloured trousers and a statement bag that can double up as a conversation starter.

Fall Colours

Fall Colours

Here, I’ve paired coral trousers with a simple striped tee. I’ve used a scarf and sun glasses for it was one of those brilliant sunny, fall day. Finally, there’s the star of the show–the bright, bold, fun lizard bag by Christopher Raeburn for Amex UK—a big highlight at this year’s LFW.

A fun bag like this can up the ante on any outfit, don’t you think? So, tell me how do you stay cool and hot in autumn?

Fall Colours

Trousers: Gap, Shoes: Next, T-Shirt: Ralph Lauren, Scarf and Earrings: Gifted, Bag: thanks to Christopher Raeburn & Amex UK, Shades: CK

And would you dare to don a bold, uber-cool bag like this?

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