Dark was the night

She was in an ecstatic frenzy

Dressing for her man

Putting on a red dress

Red like blood

Red his favourite colour

A letter arrived

Breaking her reverie

The letter said the


The Inevitable.

The letter

Dotted with

Speckles of blood

Dark was the night.

She collapsed on the bed.

The bed still unmade

From their last night’s

Love making

When he caressed her gently

Kissed her wildly

When they finally slept

Clinging to each other

His heartbeat her favourite music

Her breath his favourite sound

Dark was the night.

She cried where he slept

She cried where he kissed her

She cried where he bit her

She cried where many memories were made

And she cried till she could not cry more.

She cried because dark was her night.






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