Back to my roots

This Diwali (festival of lights), I decided to go back to my roots and don the uber hot sari.



I think nothing compliments the curvy female body like the sari. Wear a sari and I guarantee you will feel like a goddess no matter what. As a kid, I used to love trying out my mum’s sari. I would clumsily drape it around me and think I am all grown up like her. Although, I admit I am yet to master the trick of making the pleats (it took me two hours to do this!!). But once you have worn it; I can assure you you will feel more than graceful.


There’s no denial that this quintessential Indian number has caught the imagination of many designers and personalities here in the West. Only last year, a former American colleague told me how she loves the sari and knows how to perfectly drape it. The statement surprised me a lot. In 2011, French luxury-brand Hermès entered the Indian market with their limited edition sari. Many celebrities from Blake Lively to Jenifer Lopez has donned  Sari-inspired designs on and off.  But no one has donned the Sari as elegantly as Samantha Cameron who chose a classic Banarasi number in brick red.

Via: Guardian

Via: Guardian

Mrs. Cameron wore this stylish silk number just couple of days ago at the Neasden Temple. In one elegant drape, she has shown the world how understated Indian chic is done!


So, there is no denial that the Sari is the ultimate garment for sophistication, sensuality and elegance. The question is will you ever brave it?

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