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Winter, as you probably already know, means giving your skin an extra dose of TLC. Plummeting temperature combined with cold, bitter winds can leave your skin sullen, dry and parched. But grim weather does not have to mean grim skin. Here, I road test some products that are easily available, budget-friendly and will make you skin woes a thing of the past.


Experts say skin tends to follow a pattern even before the weather changes. So, it is necessary to take precaution way before the temperature drop. My skin starts peeling (shedding like autumn trees) as soon as the calender says October. Although oily, it still looks and feels dry. After experimenting with a plethora of products–both high end and drug-store finds–I’ve finally found my face hero. I picked up Nivea Soft Lotion tube purely on a whim and after using it, I was quite surprised how moisturised my face felt without quite looking like an oil-field. Must be the magic of jojoba oil! You need just a pea size amount to keep your facial skin moist and hydrated with this thing. For just £1.45 this nifty little thing is really a star! Available at Superdrug. 

face and body-1


Your body will give you enough signs that it needs to be tended. When I spoke to Amanda Elias, skin care expert and Bravura London‘s MD, she said to check the sensitive areas–your palms, elbows and knees. These areas will tell you how much moisture your body needs. Although I must admit, I always carry one tiny tube of body cream and have an array of creams on my bedside of late  Dr. Organic’s Tea Tree skin lotion is my favourite. It moistures and stay put for hours. Its non-greasy formula will refresh your skin without weighing it down. A complete win-win. Available here.

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I feel lips bring a completely new set of problems during winter. For me, it is one of the worst areas and my biggest winter woe. I used to exfoliate regularly only to find my skin around the lip to be rougher. The solution I just stumbled upon? Keep moisturising it with Vaseline or a nice balm every now and then. I can vouch that it has worked for me like a magic. The dead skin has not only disappeared but my lips feel ultra-soft and happy. Again, I have hundreds of half-used lip balms and my favourite is the born-lippy range from Bodyshop. It is fruity, tender and conditions your lips in one single dab. Yumm!


Our legs and feet remain one of the most ignored parts in winter. Is it because it is (mostly) covered in socks and tights? That definitely should not be an excuse to forget that our feet also requires equal amount of care. Cracked heel and rough skin is one winter woe you should not experience. My secret to happy feet during winter? Soaking it in warm water and gently exfoliating the dead skin with a pumice stone every other day. To give it an extra dose of happiness; I also give it good massage with Bodyshop’s Peppermint Intensive Foot Rescue every night. It not only softens and re-hydrates the skin but also gives it a nice peppermint fragrance. Now, that’s what I call happy feet. Available at Bodyshop.

Now, I hope these handy tips will banish your winter woes and put some warmth right under your skin.

(PS: This post is not sponsored by anyone. I’ve tried and tested each product for over two months now)



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