They say with age comes wisdom; I don’t know about other areas of life but I can sincerely say that I have gained some form of wisdom over the years when it comes to my hair. I have experimented with my hair in every possible way. I have had a pixie cut (nowhere as cool as Jennifer Lawrence’s), I’ve re-bonded my wavy locks to make them straight (easily the most stupid thing I’ve done to my hair!), got a perm because soon enough I was bored of my straight hair and even got corn-rows!!! All this before my 25th birthday! Everything stopped when one day, the hubby made me hear this line from Baz Luhrmann’s hit song, “Everyone’s free to wear sunscreen,”– Don’t mess too much with your hair, or by the time you’re 40, it will look 85.

Wise words indeed. Today, my wavy locks are quite healthy but sometimes I feel a tad boring. I want to experiment but without any damage. What can a girl do? Enter hair jewelry (yes, it is a word). I used to think hair jewelry were strictly the preserve of the rich to don with their silk couture whilst dancing the slow waltz. Fortunately for me, today’s fashion is much more democratic than that. The high-street is quick to take something from the fashionable aisles of Chanel and place it for our easy access.

Hair jewelry is one of the easiest ways to elevate your hair style and look. No wonder, the high-street is brimming with them. From Zara to Asos to Topshop, hair jewelry is perhaps the new black. As Jessica Hogan of Vogue UK writes here, “hair jewels are having a moment.” After experimenting with three different pieces I can safely say it does require a good amount of chutzpah to carry this look but there is something so regal about even the simplest pieces.

Look 1:

Head Jewlry

head jewelry

I started out small with this Grecian number from Asos (sadly sold out).  It was subtle yet had enough pizzazz to elevate my simple cardi+jeans look. And needless to say, it was fun to turn a few heads.

Look 2:

head jewelry

head jewelry

Inspired by Nicole Richie, easily the queen of hair jewelry this number certainly made me feel like a princess. Boho yet regal–a win-win situation for me. Again from Asos again sold-out!

Look 3:

head jewelry

If you really fear experimenting, then this nifty number  from New Look could be your pick. This slide can be used as a back clip to hold your half pony or with a bun to make sure it is not an average top-knot.

I hope you seriously give head jewelry a try because it might just be the TLC your hair needs.

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