Trying on a trend: Blue eyeshadow

For a lifestyle and fashion blogger, I am actually quite rubbish at doing make-up. I am your 10 minute girl who would apply a dash of liner and mascara and some colour on lips before dashing off. But, I love experimenting and hence I am hoping to start a new series–trying on a trend–along with my style section. The premise is simple, I try on beauty trends from the runway and see how it translates in real life. And don’t be surprised if I thrash a trend I am and don’t intend to become a fashion victim and in any case this blog is all about encouraging personal style. Today, it is all about the blue eye shadow.

The blue eye shadow was a major hit on the runway. From Marc by Marc Jacobs to Bradley Mischka, models happily strutted with various hues of blue on their eyes. Blue is the colour of this year magazines have got us convinced; so I decided to hop on and test this trend (yes, I don’t mind being a guinea pig for this blog ;))

Trend on trial: blue eyeshadow

I used a mixture of blue eye shadows from Rimmel Glam’ Eyes Quod eye shadow state of grace. For my lower line, I used Maybelline Master Kajal Lapis Blue. To finish off, I used my trusty Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara black. ¬†Ready and all set to go, I was hoping for a va va voom effect.

trend on trial: blue eyeshadow

Now for some real reactions and the bitter truth: while the hubby was not-so-pleasantly surprised and just pursed his lips for reaction. My mom and Father-in-law (all the way from India over skype) gave it a thumbs up calling it “glamorous.” My bravery back, I stepped out my fashionably forward concierge said she loved it and I was pleasantly surprised to see few people giving me second looks in approval.

trend on trial blue eyeshadow

Mission completed but I actually didn’t think it was successful. I just felt this look would be more suitable for night. It is definitely not true to my style. Whilst it looked awesome on the runway, I don’t think I will strutting in blue eye shadow anytime soon (save for late nights and going out with girls). For day wear, I would stick to my blue eyeliner from Bodyshop.¬†

So will you or will you not try the blue eyeshadow look this SS14? Do share your thoughts.

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