London Fashion Week Events

Starting tomorrow some of the most beautiful people from around the world will be swarming in London as the London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2014 would start at Somerset House. While the big-wigs of fashion industry and bloggers would be a definite fix in the LFW shows; the rest of us need not feel so left out—it is London after all and there is plenty to do this week that will keep the fashionistas happy whilst fueling curiosity among non-fashionistas. Remember—fashion is not just in dresses. Fashion has to do with ideas. Here are some of the things that I hope to go to in the coming weeks.

Fashion is Fake Art Show:

Credit: Indra and Samia Blog

Credit: Indra and Samia Blog

The project is started by artist and women’s wear designer Samia Malik. The project started out as an activism related to ethical trade in the fashion industry; which later on branched out into questioning general aesthetics of the fashion industry. Since 2011, Fashion is Fake project has developed into artwork, street art, performances in public areas, and art show performances. The thought-provoking art show opens tomorrow and will go till May at the Indra and Samia Gallery (E1 1NB).

The story of textiles:

Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Jack Mitchell

Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Jack Mitchell

Fashion and style for me above all is a form of art. Artist Textiles Picasso to Warhol at the Fashion and Textile Museum (SE1 3XF) traces the history of 20th century art in textiles. It will explore the works of some prominent artists like Picasso, Salvador Dalí, Sonia Delaunay, Ben Nicholson and Andy Warhol. The exhibition will feature examples of key European and American art movements like Fauvism, Cubism, Constructivism, Abstraction, Surrealism and Pop Art. The show will also explore how ordinary people were once able to connect with modern art in a personal and intimate way through their clothing and home furnishings. Intriguing isn’t it? Open till 17th May.

London Fashion Weekend:

Credit: London Fashion Weekend

Credit: London Fashion Weekend

After the fashionable frenzy of LFW has died down explore the heady mix of fashion and style up, close and personal at the London Fashion Weekend. This event allows people to get a taste of London Fashion Week with catwalk shows, discount designer shopping and my favourite– trend spotting. The event runs from February 20 to 23 and tickets start from £20.


Credits: Wikimedia Commons/ Danny Robinson

Credits: Wikimedia Commons/ Danny Robinson

Fashion or not, nothing is more interesting or inspiring than people watching (yes, there is a great way to do it but that’s a post for another day). Head towards King’s Road in Chelsea to see some of the most affluent people going about their everyday life in style (because apparently that’s the only way to live here). You might go green with envy but you will have a better perspective of human nature, I guarantee that. Check in one of the cafes or if you are lucky head towards any of the intimate, leafy gardens and see life in action.

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