Trying on a trend: Natural Face

This season it is all about going back to basics. The go-to  beauty trend for SS14  is minimal au naturel look. From Balmain to Valentino, the runway was full of beauties rocking the natural, no-make look. The recently concluded Golden Globe Awards too show cased beauties like Margot Robbie to Heidi Klum going for the natural make up look. I am not-so-secretly happy about this trend because truth be told I don’t have the patience or the knowledge to slather layers of make-up to look good.

SS14 beauty trends natural face

The no-make look obviously doesn’t mean no make up at all (much to my hubby’s bewilderment). It means to keep it simple and not slathering thousands of products. To achieve this look, I have only used a wee bit of Rimmel concealer especially on my T-zone, on my blemishes (yes, I do have some) and under my eyes. I have gently dabbed it with my finger tips, next I used Bodyshop’s loose face powder and a hint of blusher (Guava) on the apple of my cheeks. For my eyes, I used a thin layer of Maybelline New York Master Smoky Shadow pencil, just on my lower lid skipping the smoky bit and a good amount of Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro glam mascara. For my lips, I have used my favourite pink-nude shade Mac’s Creme Del a Femme and a generous amount of Grace Cole lip balm.

ss14 beauty trends natural face

I think this look and trend is all about beauty from within. To keep my skin in top shape, I do moisturise and tone it daily but I also have taken my mum’s prized words quite seriously: you are what you eat and drink. Water, is my favourite drink in the world and I make it a point to keep myself well-hydrated (my skin automatically becomes dry on days I don’t drink enough water). I also eat plenty of veggies and fruits (and definitely don’t say NO to occasional indulgences; although it is becoming quite frequent now ;)). I do have blemishes and imperfections but I don’t make a big deal about it and I am happy to skip even this simple make-up on days.

ss14 beauty trends natural face

My final verdict: This is not just a passing trend for me. It is (and has been) my favourite look for ages now and I am glad that it is now taking beauty centre stage.

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