Trying on a trend: Tousled / Mermaid Waves

Tousled or Mermaid Waves were frequently show cased in several SS14 shows like Mulberry and Versace. I absolutely adore this look as it is laid-back and carefree written all over it. Yes, there are many ways to achieve the perfectly imperfect tousled waves using a plethora on curling irons and what-nots. But I am the lazy girl with absolutely no patience for curling irons (plus the fact I never can get them right ;)). So, I have an easy-peasy solution for getting this style with cascading waves.

SS14 hair trend tousled hair

For starters, I massaged my hair with almond and olive oil both known to nourish and moisture hair. After keeping it for an hour (longer the better), I washed it off with John Frieda’s smooth start shampoo and conditioner (you can use any good shampoo/conditioner for wavy/curly hair). After towel drying my hair for about ten minutes, I applied a dollop of their Unwind Curls Calming Creme (again this is what I’ve at the moment, you can use any). Blow dry your hair roughly and make it about 60% dry. Make two pigtails or one big plait depending on what kind of waves you want. Leave it overnight or for 5-6 hours.

tousled hair trend SS14

The next day (or after 6 hours), gingerly take out your plaits and finger comb your hair puffing it little near the crown. Voila! You and your uber-cool tousled waves are now ready.

tousled hair trend

Lips: Revlon Embellished, Face: Carita,  Eyes: Maybelline Eye Studio Master Smokey

My verdict: This is perhaps my all-time favourite hairstyles simply because it so easy to pull-off and I know for a fact that everyone gives you a second look (for good reasons) in this hair style. This is my I-am-too-cool care look and hence this trend definitely wins hands down ;).

Thanks for reading. As always comments and likes are most welcome. You can also follow me for more such ideas, I do believe in sharing the love and follow back 🙂

5 thoughts on “Trying on a trend: Tousled / Mermaid Waves

    • Thanks Rachel 🙂 you always make my day. Truth be told I never had such nice hair, it is all the magic of pregnancy. I am dreading post-delivery hair loss!!

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