Post baby well-being: Alternative therapy

Being a new mum and taking care of an infant is perhaps the toughest job you will have; a journey that can bring down even the best of us. As soon as the excitement of child birth got over and my body began to adjust itself to the demands of bringing up an infant—constant feeding, changing, cleaning and looking after my little princess; it seemed my body began to complain. I began experiencing all sorts of pains—joint pain, back pain, musculoskeletal pain the list was endless. Whilst taking pain killers regularly helped me a bit I knew this was not a long term solution. So, I booked for myself an hour long session of Swedish massage at Bhavi Beauty, Basingstoke.

An hour long session with a demanding baby seemed indulgent but I gave in for the sake of my sanity and subsequently my baby’s well-being. The benefits of a post natal massage are well-documented: it relaxes tense muscles, relieves sore spots, improves blood circulation, increases joint mobility, rejuvenates you and elevates you physically and mentally.

I stepped in as my therapist took me inside a dimly lit, pleasantly smelling room. I was genuinely hoping for a miracle that will especially take away the nagging musculoskeletal pain on my lower back and yes I was literally dreaming of someone kneading and taking out the tension from various stress spots. I lay down and closed my eyes consciously telling myself to let go as I was hearing Aria’s cries even there. The therapist started the massage by generously applying almond oil to my feet and making soft, sweeping strokes.

Image via: Google

Image via: Google

As the treatment progressed, the strokes became deeper and firmer as she started kneading the muscles. For me, it felt like all the tension and stress was sweeping off from my body. My over stressed mind, on the other hand tried its best to relax whilst I kept drifting on and off out of a much needed sleep. A Swedish massage with its firm kneading, percussion-like tapping, bending and stretching techniques helps in decreasing the level of stress hormone—Cortisol and this session certainly helped me to get rid of some new-mum stress and get mentally and emotionally better.

I will give Bhavi beauty seven out of ten stars for their Swedish massage. I only wish the therapist had spent some time before the treatment with me and had quizzed me on my condition and if I had any specific issues to be sorted. But my back ache nearly gone; I could not be happier 🙂

I thank my Mum and Dad for sponsoring this post and giving me this wonderful gift.

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