Wronged Goddesses

Inspiration to do a poetry post was missing but here’s my new one:

First came Gaia, the venerable Goddess of Earth
She continues to nourish
Whilst we trample and plunder her.
Then there was Eve, made from Adam’s ribs
Created as his equal
But condemned for life
For eating an apple.
Don’t forget Aphrodite
The Goddess of
Beauty and Procreation
Made infamous for
Being the patron of prostitution.
Or Mary Magdalene
The undisputed leader among women
Only to be dismissed as the Harlot.
Who can forget Persephone?
The vegetation Goddess.
Raped by Hades
She had to go underground.
You might not know of Sita
Abducted by demon Ravana
Abandoned by her husband
The majestic God—Ram.
Or of Draupadi
Pawned by her five husbands in a game of dice.
Remember the feisty A’isha?
Prophet Mohammad’s favoured wife
She challenged a Califh for power
Which led to a bloody war.
Even the Goddesses weren’t spared.
But they came in various guises
The Queen of Sheba, Empress Theodora, Rabia al’ Basra, Cleopatra, The Victorian Era.
The bra burning, norm challenging rebels.
Not to be stifled, not to be silenced
The Goddesses; the women
Like smatterings of Gold dust
Continue to Rise, rise and rise.

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