Breast feeding

Now that actress Olivia Wilde has gone on and made breast feeding glamorous, I thought why not write a poetry on this most natural act. There is a small disclaimer though: Breastfeeding might be natural but it is still a lot of hard work 😉

It’s boobies and babies,

It’s nursing and comforting,

It’s nourishing and nurturing.

It’s two hour feedings,

It’s demand and supply,

It’s tiring growth-spurts.

It’s bubba’s first champagne

The best food out there.

It’s tiny fingers

holding your hand.

It’s soothing smile,

A soft cooing sound,

A contented laughter,

The best bonding out there.

It’s love dribbling,


And Spraying.

It’s the best cardio out there

That makes you eat like a pig.

It’s health,


And sound sleep–but not for the mama.

When done in public,

It doesn’t make you a titillating tramp

But rather a nurturing goddess.

It is simply breastfeeding.


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