Express Manicure

As a busy mum, I don’t have the luxury to go to a nail saloon to get my nails done. I am also super-paranoid of putting an array of products on my nails lest I’ve to use my fingers to soothe the little one. I was gifted Baylis and Harding’s Skin Spa set comprising hand salts and hand cream and I’ve used this for my express manicure.

manicure at home tutorial

For this express manicure, simply put the salts in some warm water and soak your hand for sometime. With a soft brush gently clean your nails and with a nail filer buff your nails.

at home manicure tutorial

After that give your hands a nice massage with the intensive hand cream.

at home manicure

The hand salt and cream has a delicious smell of basil and lime. As soon as you open the cream, this lovely aroma wafts and fills your senses. There is a hint of sugar cane too, sugar cane is well-known for its moisturizing properties. True to its name, the cream really gives your hands intense moisture and a lovely aroma that stays for hours. I am  definitely in love with this nifty little product that gives Spa-like care at home.

at home manicure tutorial

To finish your at home express manicure, put your favourite nail polish and VOILA you are done!

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