Autumn Winter Essentials

One of the best things I like about this time of the year is updating my wardrobe with Autumn-winter essentials. There are some things that you will definitely find in my autumn winter wardrobe no matter what the trends are. So here are my favourite AW bits.

Autumn Winter Essentials

1) Over sized Sweaters: Over sized sweaters are cosy, comfy and absolutely no nonsense.

2) Coloured Trousers: With so much greyness around, you need something colourful that makes a statement.

3) Ankle boots: These boots have just the right amount of style, sophistication and comfort.

4) Bright Coat: Another bit that can up the ante of any outfit.

5) Chambray Shirt: Great for layering.

6) A stylish beanie or cap: To keep your head warm and hair safe.

7) Skirt: A black skater style skirt can go with anything from sweaters to shirt and worn with tights and boots is a great alternate to trousers.

8) Snood/ Infinity scarf: A lovely chunky snood is just the answer for crispy, cold mornings.

9) Wrap Dress: There is something so lovely and lady like about this style and it can be easily layered.

10) Trench coat: You can never, ever go wrong with a good trench coat.

These are my favourites. What are yours? Would love to hear in the comments section. All images are from Polyvore.

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed this post, Have a great mid-week. Do show me your love with your likes and comments or go ahead and follow me. 🙂 

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