Look who’s talking

If Motherhood was supposed to be easy; it wouldn’t start with labor.”

When I was pregnant, one of my favourite things to do was to watch Look Who’s talking series of movies on repeat. Ever since the birth of my daughter, I keep wondering what is going in her lovely little head and what all she would say if she could talk. So my overactive mind and imagination has put together this list of what babies would say if they could talk.

Image Via Google Images

Image Via Google Images

On Parents:

“So, this lady with my big milk bottle is the mom and the clueless guy beside her is the dad??!”

On the sudden laughter for no reason:

“I do not want to come across as a diva but I am sitting on my own poop. So mom come and change me.”

On funny face after farting in public:

“Ooops…my bad!”

On nursing that goes on forever:

I haven’t finished yet. More boobies!!

On mommy relaxing/trying to sleep/ going to pee:

If mommy goes out of my sight for a second, I will scream and bring the house down or I will poop. Hmmm. Buhhahaha

On sweet smiles for no reason:

Don’t get so excited and squeal;  I just passed wind.

On waking up inside the crib:

I had slept on mom. How did I end up here???

On breast milk and satisfactory smile after that:

It must be the milk talking but I love you ma’am.

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