The Smile

I have been a little lazy in poetry department but the truth is there was nothing to inspire me and get the creative juices flowing. However, I penned this one a few days ago thanks to a rather wandering mind and sleepless night 😉

Behind her smile she hid gossamer of tears

A grief that remained unnoticed,

For her dreams broken like scattered stones.

Behind her smile she hid her doubts,

A train of unquiet thoughts.

Of life’s unknown

Clashing her like an angry sea on a bed rocks.

Behind her smile she hid happiness

Fragile like a pallid snow.

Behind her smile she hid

The inevitable highs and lows

Through life’s thick and thin.

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    • December 12, 2014 / 9:49 pm

      Thanks Ruchi 🙂

  1. December 11, 2014 / 3:47 am

    Ahh I really like this Dan, it’s has so much depth and resonates with a lot of girls out there!! Great one! 🙂 xo~ Lena

    • December 12, 2014 / 9:48 pm

      Thanks Lena for those encouraging words 🙂

    • December 12, 2014 / 9:48 pm

      Thank you 🙂

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