Trying on a trend: Molten Metallics

It is the festive season finally and perhaps the best time to indulge in a bit of sparkle. As far as seasonal trends are concerned, one trend that has caught my eye is the molten metallics one. No, we are not talking about a war-zone here but metallic shades swept over eyes, cheeks and (if you have the audacity for it) even the lips. From Alexander McQueen to Donna Karan metallic shades were given a go this AW14. I road-test this trend and see how it translates in real life.

metallic eye trend

Here,I’ve used an icy shade of silver on my eyelids. The colour is from Rimmel’s Glam Eyes Quad Eyeshadow (silver shade) range. I have used it generously on my eyelids and a wee bit on my brow bone. To hide my dark circles (thanks to an active baby) I have used a wee bit of concealer on the bottom. I have used some kohl and mascara to seal the look.

My Verdict: I tend to take the safe route when it comes to eye shadows sticking to shades of brown and pink so this is way out of comfort zone but surprisingly it works. Who does not love a bit of sparkle and if you can use it on your eyes to give it a bit of shine yet an earthy appeal then why not? Bottom line: this is a trend that can be easily incorporated into real life. Hands down winner this festive season.

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