Get your ‘me’ time – even if it’s five minutes at a time

When you have your first baby, you suddenly have a shift in attitude to life. It’s not all about you anymore, in fact when you first get face-to-face with that little bundle of joy, your priorities change completely and irrevocably. There’s always going to be someone that you need to worry about more than yourself.

That’s all natural and well and good, however, it can be dangerous to never give yourself any time that’s especially for you. You can end up feeling burned out and frazzled if you don’t give yourself a little break now and then, and be self-indulgent with what you do with that time.

You may think that there aren’t enough hours in the day to be a good mum and to have ‘me’ time, but it can be achieved – even if it’s only five minutes at a time. Here are just a few ways how to do it.

Take time out to play

When your baby’s having their afternoon nap, don’t feel you have to fill that time with useful stuff every day. You’re entitled to have some R&R too, and while your baby doesn’t need your attention, playing a few games can help you unwind. Online or on your mobile, you have a huge choice of gaming possibilities, from puzzles to word games to free bingo games. Check out the free bingo rooms at Costa to see just how easy it is to start playing for fun, even though there are cash prizes to be won.

Breathe and relax

Image via: Google Images

Image via: Google Images

Though you might feel like sleeping, you probably won’t have time for a proper nap yourself. Instead, lie down in a darkened room for five minutes and think about nothing else apart from your breathing. Other thoughts might try to crowd in, but if you push them away and focus on your breathing, you’ll notice that it gets slower and deeper and you’ll soon feel calmer. Although it’s not quite the same as a power nap, just five minutes of contemplative breathing can give you an energy boost. I kid you not.

Call someone

We all have so many ways to communicate today – whether it’s via Facebook, an email, a text or a tweet that sometimes it feels like the art of conversation is dead. It’s not always easy to have a chat while your kids are up and about as they have a great ability to interrupt! So use some of those nap times to have a natter with a friend or your mum. Whoever you call will appreciate the chance to have a chat too, and it’ll give you both the chance to put the world to rights!

These may sound like small bites of ‘me’ time, and they are, but when you’re rushed off your feet most of the time, even the smallest amount of downtime that is spent on yourself will feel valuable. As for time off for a weekend away with the girls, you’ll have to negotiate some real downtime with your partner taking charge of the baby so you can really relax and let your hair down!

These are just some easy ways to get some “me” time. Do let me know how you like to unwind and take that all important “me” time.

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