January Beauty essentials

January is a tough month for most of us as we are slowly getting back to the daily grind. Here, in this part of the world it has been unusually cold, dark and (for a lack of a better word) blah. A perfect month when we all need a bit more of TLC; so I have compiled a list of beauty essentials that is on top of my daily ritual and which gives my skin and mind some much needed boost.


Bodyshop Elderflower Unperfumed Eye Gel: I have a baby, studies and work which means burning the midnight oil is a daily ritual. This obviously leads to dark circles and under eye bags. This nifty little thing is immensely helping me to keep both the culprits at bay while giving me refreshed, cheerful eyes each day. It is definitely my most favourite product of this month.

Bodyshop wild rose hand cream: These days my hands often feel like paper (I kid you not) thanks to all those postpartum hormones and cold, freezing winter conditions. Although I have tried several hand creams this has become my favourite as it is richly moisturising with a delicious rose scent.

Rimmel Keep calm lip balm: Unfortunately, winter dryness is not just restricted to my hands. I love collecting lip balms and my hubby is often surprised that I have one in every nook and cranny of our home. This number from Rimmel not only nicely moisturises the lips but also gives it a pleasant pinkish tint. It also gives a soft shine to your lips giving it a healthy vibe.

Clinique up-lightening liquid illuminator: I’ve reviewed this item before here. I love this bronzer which gives you a subtle shimmer and a healthy glow. The best thing? The formula is light enough without weighing you down or overpowering you.

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