Because writing is power

I had an extremely productive weekend after a long time. Last Saturday the first ever South Asian blogging event was conducted in London. The event had journalists from BBC, Sky, Media Diversified, UK Asian and Huffington Post as well as experts from Google and WordPress and not to mention all kinds of bloggers.  As a blogger, it was a great experience meeting fellow bloggers and experts and I was glad that I attended the event despite my initial misgivings.

Image via: Migreat

Image via: Migreat

The night before the event, I had a nightmare that I would go there only to find an empty room. Instead, I saw a room packed with South Asian women bloggers. Priya Changela from Migreat, the lady behind the event later said that it was only pure chance that all the bloggers were women. I was really heartened to see so many women bloggers from the same ethnic background like me. It only proved that writing is a medium that breaks the barriers of race and gender. The icing on the cake was that we also learnt some really techy bits that I must confess I would not have known without the event.

Image via: Migreat

Image via: Migreat

Image via: Migreat

Image via: Migreat

  • It is important to build personas.
  • In today’s smart phone obsessed world, mobile is everything. Think mobile. Always.
  • If you dig really deep, Google has all the answers on how to build an extremely successful blog.
  • No matter what keep the conversations going through your posts, your followers, comments and social media.
  • However don’t get bogged down by all this technological shizzle at the centre of it is writing. Honest, heartfelt and hence powerful. French novelist Gustave Flaubert has said, “The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe,” and I completely identify with this statement. Writing—be it creative writing or news features or about fashion or life—is like catharsis to me. It helps me to deal with my pain, doubt, insecurities as well as celebrate my few achievements.
  • My love for writing began as a kid; when I would spend a lot of time scribbling in my diary. Naturally, I thought of making a career out of it. I love how ideas can be converted into memorable written word (editors are you listening?). Even if one reader says that they liked my post and ideas, I feel an unabashed sense of pride.
  • So take that pen (or your computer) and write; it might just teach you a thing or two about yourself and the world.

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8 thoughts on “Because writing is power

  1. Ahaha! I love your honesty: “my initial misgivings”. I had a personal dream that the transport system was going on strike the night before. A different type of nightmare 🙂

    Thank you for coming – and more importantly, thank you for sharing tips and learnings. That’s what is most important for all of us 🙂

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