My top Cornwall attractions

Cornwall is a jaw-dropping beautiful peninsula defined by its spectacular coastline tapering out into the Atlantic Ocean. With its picture postcard harbours, expansive sandy beaches, stunning cliffs and a rich cultural heritage, Cornwall has been a favourite holiday destination for generations. Here, I bring my favourite bits of Cornwall. Cornwall is HUGE and it is impossible to pack in everything in one short holiday. However, that only gives you an excuse to go back.


Cornwall attractions

Situated in the south of Looe is the picture perfect fishing village of Polperro. With narrow cobbled streets lined with pretty granite cottages and colourful homes, Polperro is a great little place if you fancy a nice little walk. Polperro was once notorious for smuggling and you can trace this history at the Polperro Heritage Museum of Smuggling and Fishing. Unwind yourself by the delightful harbour or have some tea in the cute tea rooms, Polperro’s charm will stay with you for a long, long time.

The Eden Project:

Cornwall attractions

Cornwall attractions

Cornwall attractions

Not your run-off-the-mill park, the Eden project which was opened in 2001 is the worlds’s largest greenhouse. Characterised by its two huge “biomes” they give you a taste of the flora and fauna of tropical and Mediterranean regions. The “biomes” are actually are a series of interconnected domes.

Perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea (and many find it overpriced), I still would argue for it because to replicate the hot tropical climate (with a Malaysian hut and African totem sculpture made from recycled timber) is definitely a mammoth task. While you are here don’t forget the scrumptious ice-creams from their coffee house. My favourite?Cacao with coconut flavour. As mentioned Eden is expensive with £25 per adult but you can save up to 20 % if you book in advance online.

Land’s End:

Cornwall attractions

Cornwall attractions

As the name suggests it is end of the land, intriguing enough for me. It gives you stunning coastal views of the Atlantic Ocean. The undulating landscape dotted with cliffs makes it a great spot for some easy trekking (easy for me). Don’t forget to enjoy a tasty meal at the Land’s End Restaurant after you have thoroughly explored this place.

Minack theatre:

Image from: Wikimedia Commons by Tim Lewy

Image from: Wikimedia Commons by Tim Lewy

Minack theatre is a truly out of this world place that will simply blow your senses. An open-air theatre, carved into a granite diff and set amidst glorious gardens; Minack theatre has to be seen to be believed. Overlooking the spectacular Porthcurno Bay, Minack theatre is exotic and magical. The summer theatre season runs from May to September presenting drama, musicals and opera in this dramatic setting.

Carnewas and Bedruthan Steps:

Cornwall attractions

cornwall attractions

This is a stretch of coastline located on the north Cornish coast between Padstow and Newquay. Another great spot for trekking, characterised by steep steps and dramatic views of this rocky beach. Bedruthan steps gets it’s name from the huge slate outcrops scattered along the beach and not the inordinate number of steps you need to go down to get to the beach. It is said that the outcrops were put there by Bedruthan, a giant, and used as stepping stones. The Carnewas cliffs has several nooks and crannies giving various different views of the Bedruthan Steps.


Cornwall attractions

Cornwall attractions

Being a coastal area, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to beaches in Cornwall. There are just so many offering a variety of activities. This time around we explored the lovely Lusty Glaze at Newquay. This was right opposite to where we were staying (Kallacliff Hotel). A fantastic beach in the heart of the city, Lusty Glaze is an ideal place for couples (although we enjoyed it as a family too). A somewhat steep stairs take you down the beach (hence cumbersome if you have a buggy) but once you reach there you will treated to vast sandy beach with crystal blue waters. A quiet cove which faces towards west is ideal to catch sunset. During summer, there are numerous kid-friendly activities here. Fistral beach is another family friendly beach that should not be missed.


Cornwall attractions

There are many surfing friendly beaches in Cornwall. Fistral in Newquay is considered to be the most famous surfing beach in Britain. While we could not try surfing due to the weather, this is definitely on my bucket list. If you are a newbie and then head towards Towan Beach (Newquay). Between two grassy cliff tops and azure coloured waters, this beach is considered ideal if you are a beginner as the waves are slightly less challenging. Plus, this is one of the less crowded beaches of Newquay.


Image from Wikimedia Commons by Tristan Frene

Image from Wikimedia Commons by Tristan Frene

Cornwall has some of the best sea-food restaurants in Britain. It is also the home of the famous Cornish Pasty. If you are looking for a scrumptious sea-food option then don’t forget to check Rick Stein’s restaurants. The fresh fish dishes are to die for and while you will get British classics like Fish & Chips you can also taste Stein influenced far-off dishes like Pad Thai, prawn curry and fish chilli burgers. Yum.

If street food is more of your grub style, then don’t forget to tuck in a Cornish Pasty. Check out for some local options like Philps Pasties, Niles Bakery etc. You will find beef, chicken and vegetarian varieties but be warned they are humungous!

Hope you enjoyed this travel guide post. Thanks for reading and have a great week ahead. Do show me your love with your likes and comments and don’t forget to follow me. 🙂

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