Tomboy style: dress and sneakers

“She is a whisky in a tea cup”

Most women I know have had some sort of relationship with Tomboy style. The term entered my fashion dictionary when I was in teens and had a brief fling with tomboyish look. I remember cutting my long hair rather short (only to regret days later) and suddenly living in baggy shirts (borrowed from dad) and jeans. The whole thing lasted for about two weeks (thank God!) post which my true love for girly fashion emerged stronger than ever.

tomboy style

tomboy style

Fast forward to now, tom boy fashion does not have spell disastrous or boring. In fact, modern day celebrities like Rita Ora and Emily Blunt to androgyny rock stars like Diane Keaton prove that being a tomboy can be c’est chic.

Style is an ever-evolving thing and right now as a mum I am always looking for a look that is comfortable yet chic. I also love mixing up feminine elements with sporty ones –a must when you are running behind a feisty 15 month old!

tomboy style

For our impromptu day trip to London, I chose to wear this skater style dress in black and pink. Instead of wearing boots or sandals (my usual picks) I decided to shake things a bit with sneakers. I tied my cardigan around the waist for a nonchalant chic look (and it is UK after all, you always need some layers).

tomboy style

tomboy style

Dress & sneakers: Next, Bag: My own design, accessories: Various

I admit it is way out of my comfort zone but somehow it has grown on me and I have a sneaky feeling that this will become my go-to look soon as I love mixing opposite elements and being a whisky in a tea cup 😉

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