Me to my hair: Dear hair, please behave yourself.

My hair: Bah. I’ve a mind of my mind own, deal with it!

This is almost a daily ritual when I am getting ready. I can easily write a tome about so many occasions I’ve been late only because I was trying in vain to tame my perpetually rebellious curly/wavy hair. But, now I’ve found a great cheat-sheet to deviate the attention from my hair to some where else–my eyes lined with a nice shade of purple.

I am not sure where the fashion mags stand on this colour but for me it is a favourite colour to ring in the spring and summer season. It is fun, hypnotic with a bit of glamour thrown in. Purple liners can instantly add more oomph to any look and even be a conversation starter. What’s more? It perfectly embodies the free-spirit of spring and summer. Now, lets get going.

You can start with either applying a good primer or going naked. Next, apply a subtle eye-shadow like the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Taupe. The warm tone gives a shimmery effect. I am using the Max Factor Colour X-pert Waterproof eye liner in Lilac.


Measuring from the outer corner of your lower lid, make a β€œV” which extends to top of the eye lid. Extend this line till the inner corner. Fill the colour slowly between the lines.


Complete the look by lining the lower lid with Maybelline Eye Studio Master Kohl Liner Deep Purple. Finish with a good swipe of mascara like Maybelline’s Colossal mascara.


Et Voila, You are now ready to rock the town.

Do you have any such beauty cheats? And how do you like to play with colour purple? I would love to hear your thoughts.


Sometimes when our eyes meet, I easily leave the whole world behind me.

When we kiss, I often wish that time should stop right away.

I’ve many insecurities, many things that scare me

But when you hold me in your arms; I feel I have reached the safest spot.

It really annoys me that you can read my mind and see the deepest depths of my heart.

You are not an average knight in the shining armour.

Heck, you are not even average.

Because you give me wings to fly.

Your pride in me makes me dance with joy.

You never stop in letting me be me.

I know you will love me when the twinkle of my eyes

will get replaced with the wisdom of age.

When my dark, cascading waves will get peppered with grey.

When my body will have seen the ravages of passing years.

You show me

that the best attitude in life

is not to have any.


The two birds flew

in harmony

from east to west

liberated, yet together

they were one.

Once there was such

a promise between us

I sit and see

the two birds

together in harmony.

the two birds

we never could be.

I’ve a confession to make, I have a substance-abuse problem and it is called kohl/eyeliners. While I rarely deck myself with layers of make-up, kohl is a totally different story. I am no make-up expert or a make-up junkie but I can honestly say from the bottom of my heart that you will Never see me without kohl-lined eyes. Of late, this obsession has taken a rather colourful turn and now my make-up bag is full of coloured eye-liners in all different hues teal, blue, purple, gold. You name it, I will have it.

Many friends tell me that they can be a tricky look to pull. I tell them to take a deep breath as colour kohl is an idiot proof way to amp any look. It lends a pop of colour to a monochromatic look while can bring together a colourful ensemble. Enough of the wisdom, let’s get down to the tutorial.

Start the look with a flawless skin, apply a luminous finish foundation and powder your T-zone to prevent oiliness.

You can use primer on your eyelids or simply start with a clean, naked canvas.

Apply a neutral shade like the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Eternal Pink for a natural shining look.

Line your lower water line with dark green kohl like the Woody Green colour by Gosh used here.


Next darken and smudge the lower lid with the same colour.


Use black liquid liner on the top lid for a mysterious look. Delicately line your upper lid, starting from the inner corner andΒ  extend it just past the natural shape of your eye to create a delicate wing. Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Eyeliner in black serves the purpose perfectly– a fine brush which holds the liquid well giving you a great flick. Apply lashings of a good-quality mascara like the Colossal range from Maybelline for fluttering eyes.


I’ve teamed the teal kohl look with blood red lips. My secret for wearing red on the lips: a dash of playfulness, a pinch of naughtiness and a good scoop of confidence. Wear red, like you owe it ;).

The finished look:


What’s your biggest make-up essential? And how would you play with coloured kohl? Let me know in the comments section.

P:S: Stay tuned for look 2 with my favourite purple eye-liner coming up next week


Because this brought a smile on my face πŸ™‚