Yes, I want some change too

The world is really divided into two groups—one who loves Brick Lane and one who loathes it. One can only sympathise with the latter for Brick Lane is not your ordinary Sunday market but a maelstrom of different cultures, people and persuasions meant for the open-minded and the adventurous at heart. It’s a place where Western promise meets East End madness and the result is truly mind blowing. Get up early on a Sunday morning and head towards the market, located on the northern end of Brick Lane and along Cheshire Street in East London.

Brick Lane market is not easy to miss; it’s a place where posh boutiques stand in comfortable ease with ramshackle stalls selling a plethora of eclectic goods from old books, antique cameras, vintage clothes to cutesy bric-a-brac. A place popularised by bargain hunters, art students and curry houses, Brick Lane is the part skipped by tourists in their luxury cars. It is unpolished, little wild, rough around the edges and absolutely unafraid.

Whatcha looking at?

Don’t miss the Vintage market put up at the Truman Brewery every Sunday between 10AM-5PM. It’s a place where you will find arrays of stalls peppered with accessories, glam fur coats, vintage frocks and men’s suits from 1920s to the 1990s.

Whilst there are many Indian and Bangladeshi curry houses, on Sundays, the market is bustling with food vendors offering cuisines from every corner of the planet. Chomp in some authentic Ethiopian food or sip Turkish coffee, dig in Chowmein from Tibet or have a tasty dish of Pad Thai. The food like everything else here perfectly embodies the rich cultural diversity that London itself offers.

Saunter around its dynamic streets and indulge in shameless people-watching. Wherever you go peppy street music and colourful street art pleasantly accompanies you. In short, Brick Lane is a bundle of contradictions—it’s ordinary yet extraordinary, predictable yet exotic, bizarre yet classic.

Just don’t forget to reach early (around 9AM) to get the best bargains. The nearest tube is Aldgate East and overground is Liverpool Street. And bring some cash; finding a cash machine in this labyrinth is tougher than solving the riddle of Mona Lisa.


   How Welcoming

If you are happy and you know…..

When my sister gave me this task to write about Happiness, the first thing that struck me was that it is a very vague topic.How can anyone write about it? She very wisely said-“Thats the challenge, Right?'” I dismissed the idea immediately, but as always, the idea was there on the back of my mind.

I asked this question to myself-Am I happy? Now,I asked my sister for a suggestion to write about and i usually write only when something strongly inspires me or when I am really restless.Since the former didnt happen, I was really restless. So the obvious answer was-No, not really! But I coudn’t find a specific reason to not be happy and it seemed to be a combination of various factors.

With my sisters suggestion in mind, I browsed about the meaning of happiness.I came across many so-called “defintions” of happiness, none of which made any sense.

While the reason behind the restlessness is not the purpose of the article, I also felt myself getting irritated at the people who matter the most for failing to recogonise the restlessness.

I thought about all the times when I really was happy- Time with family, time with friends, college days, school days, trips with friends, the moment when my final results were announced etc etc. I realised that the present moment is no different from the rest. Life had, has, and will continue to be grateful.

I also realized that I was being unfair to the closest people in my life.I couldn’t really expect them to miraculously read my mind, when I didnt give them the slightest hint. I realized that when you don’t have the guts to speak what you feel, you shouldn’t expect people to understand.

I made it a task to overcome the uncertain feeling on my own. I kept on repeating to myself that All is Good and tried to keep the negative thoughts at a distance. Negative thoughts create a negative aura around you and attracts more negativity. I soon found myself,within a couple of days, get over the restlessness. A sense of calm came upon. And I finally came across a defintion that was meaningful-

“Happiness is something that you are and it comes from the way you think.”

It’s a question that bothers everyone, what’s happiness and how can one find it?The dictionary defines happiness as a mental or emotional state of well-being defined by pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to euphoria. Several philosophers, scientists and religious leaders have all tried to address this weighty issue time and again happiness still remains the biggest mystery.

Yes, it certainly is a tricky subject and one which remains vague as ever. I complied these ten facts about happiness in order to remind myself of the simple things in life and I am amazed how it never ceases to put a smile on my face 🙂

Try. I promise you won’t regret it.

1.It takes seventeen muscles to smile and nearly forty-three to frown.

2. A study has proven that only 10% of your happiness comes from external conditions.

3.Your body generates up to 50% more antibodies when you are happy.

4.The kingdom of Bhutan uses “gross national happiness” as an indicator of its progress.

5.The more parents hug their children, the more likely they will turn into happy adults.

6.Happiness has a scent. Experiments on body odour have proved how scent changes between stress and happiness.

7.Dancing is the cheapest anti-depressant. It stimulates the hippocampus, the area in the brain that regulates moods.

8.According to a 2012 survey, Colombia is the happiest country in the world. In fact, Colombians are almost twice as happy as the global average.

9.The clitoris is the only organ in the body that has evolved purely for pleasure. It has 8,000 nerve fibers, almost double the penis, promising happiness.

10.Unhappy families don’t make unhappy individuals. Your genes and family upbringing account for only half of your happiness levels.

How would you define happiness? What makes you happy and is it really true that happiness doesn’t cost a thing? Would love to hear your thoughts..

So finally, if you are happy smile because it doesn’t cost a thing.

PS: Don’t forget to read a guest post by my sis on the meaning of happiness

Every once in a while, we all must step out of our comfort zone to know what we are really made of. It might sound too Zen and philosophical but sometimes we all need to man up and grow a thick skin. It is truer in the world of fashion and style. I’ve never played safe in anything so why should I when it comes to style?

With that in mind, I prodded myself and brought this bright, blood red pair of trousers for a fun-theme party. While my eyes hovered around on many beautiful dresses, I thought it was time to channel my inner gaga and up the ante a bit.

Red has always been my Achilles’ Heel. It is bold, demands attention and requires a great dollop of confidence. A pair of red trousers would need all that………. only double the amount.

In a city, where individual style is not just respected but celebrated immensely, I felt I could easily pull-off the look. But as I went out of the door towards the night, I felt my bravado sinking. However, I decided to keep my head high and soldier on.

The result? The euphoria one feels after achieving the impossible.

Bring on the lady in Red.


Red trousers+Tiger T-shirt: New Look, Scarf:Calvin Klein, Jacket (Holding): Trespass, Bangles: Mumbai street, Watch: Titan.

Black Pumps: Clarks.

As Red is quite a bold colour, I decided to keep it as the main focus. I’ve softened the look with a grey T that has a Tiger face, bold yet not over-powering the Red. The Jacket and Scarf are just necessary when the outside temperature is a miserable zero degree Celsius.




Dragonfly silver necklace: Present from the boy. Round Brown Hoops: Dubai

Does Red fill you with dread or is it an easy-peasy colour? What is your biggest style night mare? Let me know in the comments section.

The skies are bright again but the mind knows no relief. I am bleary eyed, ridden with insomnia and a doubtful mind; I look for a quick out from the mundanity. Sometimes, escapism brings a great joy, calmness and clarity of mind. Introspection, I call it.  The beauty of the ocean, its greatness, the sound of waves lashing against the rocks calms me, uplifts me, inspires me, awes me and definitely humbles me.
With the rays of sun slowly teasing my senses and my heart fluttering at the prospect of yet another new discovery I step out hopeful and head towards South sea beach in the water front city of Portsmouth.  The sea comes in many tantalizing forms as I discovered. Here there is no sand but the beach is made of many  different types of stones, scattered and littered. I gingerly walk on them collecting some which catch my attention. They are pink, jade, sea green and some with a bit of sea weed on them. As French explorer, Jacques Yves Cousteau famously said, “the sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”
Yes, it has me firm in its net.  In the horizon, somewhere where the sky meets the sea line, I see piers. There are two piers, I am told. The south parade pier and the Clarence Pier; the sites are now amusement centers. But to me from this distance the sight looks like a picture perfect postcard evoking great wonderment.

People come and go. Some are running, some are cycling, and many are even flying kites.  As for me, I am once again lost in my bubble. I am at the safe place where the sea and its waves is my biggest comfort. Once again, the sea has succeeded in wrapping me around its safe arms. I feel uplifted, a tiny smile plays on my lips and the former frown lines are disappearing. The sea whispers to me to march on with head held high and that everything will be alright.
The dark clouds which were hovering around me are long gone and I am at a beautiful, happy place.
Just me, my thoughts and of course the ever calming sea.