Being Woman.

What makes a woman? Is it her charm, her beauty, her innate warmth, her mind or just some number (36-24-36). With these weighty questions in mind, I wrote this poem defining what I feel is being a woman.

Sometimes it is the darkness of my eyes,

or the voluptuousness of my lips,

Sometimes it is my cascading waves

or the gentle curve of my hips.

Sometimes it is what I wear,

or how I walk.

Sometimes it is what I say,

or how I say it.

Some men take these reasons

to keep me tight in their palms,

or batter me with their brutal acts.

Reduce me with their cruel words,

or burn me with their cold indifference.

I can only laugh at them.

Because it is the

steel of my mind

the warmth of my laugh

the tenderness of my heart

the fire of my spirit

the joy of my face

the strength of my character

that makes me a woman.

And nothing you do or say can take that away. 


They laugh at me because I am different. I laugh at them because they are all the same. 🙂

Like a caged bird I feel

Who has forgotten to sing

Or spread her wings

Unknown shackles chain me

Stopping me to live my life

On my own terms.

I hear strong voices

From all around me

Of the people who matter

And those who don’t

Everybody telling me

What’s good and what’s not.

But somewhere

In the turning point of life

I have forgotten to listen

To the voice that matters the most

My inner self

My self.

It tells me to break free

From the norms that these

Unknown voices have bestowed on me

To break free

To fly high

To taste life

The way I want.

The caged bird wants to fly away in the sky.

This poem/post is written by my kid sister Dr. Nitya Balagopalan who is a medical intern. When she is not saving the world and helping patients, she puts pen to paper and brings out such beautiful thoughts. Read on..

I sit alone with eye open wide

Staring at the dark, black sky

With prodigious dreams

I think of a life beyond these tangled seams.

I may not talk, I may not speak,

It’s only ’cause my thoughts are big.

Think of a life beyond these tangled seams,

Shout out loud and spread those wings

Into the liberated world of your dreams.

You may struggle and may fall

But stay put and stand tall.

Life is too short and frail

Dream on and set the sail

Just like the vast ocean that always

quietens the storm

Even the seemingly verdict less life

has an outcome.