As a blogger, I am constantly trying to make my blog better, varied and interesting. Keeping that in mind, I am starting a new section called Spotlight which as the name suggests puts the spotlight on new and upcoming designers. Today, I am going to introduce you to Mala Aroa–a mum, mumpreneur, artist and a painter who does everything from acrylic painting to digital art. Here’s Mala in her own words.

Image Credit: Mala Arora

Image Credit: Mala Arora

I took my passion for art and turned it into a full-time job.

I am a visual artist and designer. I studied Fine Arts during my graduation and post graduation, (specialised in Painting) from India. I have always been inspired by my surroundings and I use different mediums to express my vision and myself. My most favourite mediums have been painting, photography, digital art, printmaking. And recently I have started using my creativity in designing home accessories and fashion accessories. Art and Crafts has always fascinated me. I knew from early age that I want to be an artist as I loved expressing my emotions through art. I have worked hard and extensively to emerge as a complete artist.

Image Credit: Mala Arora

Image Credit: Mala Arora

My daughter’s birth gave me the push to start my own business.

Before my daughter’s birth, I worked in the corporate world and also did some voluntary work to remain in touch with my freewill and creativity. However, being an artist I found at times difficult to get a complete freedom to stretch imagination and creativity within the employment. Almost three years ago, when I was blessed with a baby, don’t know what exactly happened but suddenly I got this motivation and confidence to start my own business. I also had the full support from my husband to follow my dream and thus Mala’s Art House was born.

Convincing others when I started out was the biggest challenge I faced. 

First of all, sometimes its difficult to prove to others around you what are you doing and why? As this is your and only your dream they can’t visualise it; so despite doubts you should continue to work towards your dream. I also realised, if you are giving your 100 % then they will soon start believing in your hard work and passion.

As an artist I can be good in my creations but a business comes along due to many other aspects too like marketing, sales, accounting.This compounds the challenge and complexity of starting a business. But there is good support available for new businesses. In my experience, social media has been biggest help for me in keeping me motivated and inspired.

Mala's Art House

I have crazy challenging days. 

The most interesting aspect of day is definitely creating, creating and creating things. I am either designing art, accessories or handicrafts.I just love doing it. The most challenging part is to establish myself in this dynamic, demanding yet beautiful designer market. But I know this is just temporary and I can work on this.

Image Credit: Mala Arora

Image Credit: Mala Arora

Balancing life with work is essential too. 

I believe in living in the moment and going with the flow. So, if I know that my family especially my daughter needs me more than my work then I will happily spend my time without any complaints or guilt. As working from home with little daughter, no one day can be same but once you realise this fact and work around, you can achieve what you want.

If you want to know more about Mala or see/purchase her line, you can check out her website as well pinterest and instagram. You can also check out her Facebook Page or follow her on Twitter. All images are a copyright of Mala Arora, do not copy them without her permission. 

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One of the best things I like about this time of the year is updating my wardrobe with Autumn-winter essentials. There are some things that you will definitely find in my autumn winter wardrobe no matter what the trends are. So here are my favourite AW bits.

Autumn Winter Essentials

1) Over sized Sweaters: Over sized sweaters are cosy, comfy and absolutely no nonsense.

2) Coloured Trousers: With so much greyness around, you need something colourful that makes a statement.

3) Ankle boots: These boots have just the right amount of style, sophistication and comfort.

4) Bright Coat: Another bit that can up the ante of any outfit.

5) Chambray Shirt: Great for layering.

6) A stylish beanie or cap: To keep your head warm and hair safe.

7) Skirt: A black skater style skirt can go with anything from sweaters to shirt and worn with tights and boots is a great alternate to trousers.

8) Snood/ Infinity scarf: A lovely chunky snood is just the answer for crispy, cold mornings.

9) Wrap Dress: There is something so lovely and lady like about this style and it can be easily layered.

10) Trench coat: You can never, ever go wrong with a good trench coat.

These are my favourites. What are yours? Would love to hear in the comments section. All images are from Polyvore.

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Being a first time mom (FTM) is hard enough not only you are bringing up a brand new human being but you are dealing with a plethora of challenges from sleep deprivation to body image issues to a loss of identity. It is no wonder FTMs can feel and act like total zombies. The challenges notwithstanding there are things that people will tell  a FTM  knowingly or unknowingly, jokingly or seriously that just should NOT be said. So read on and find out my list of things that a FTM just doesn’t want to hear (and possible retorts). I must say this post does not mean any malice and should be taken with a pinch of salt and a dollop of humour.

Image Via Google Images

Image Via Google Images

1) Oh, seems like there is a second one down there.

“At least I had a baby, what’s your excuse?”

2) Wow. I had a restful night.

“Good for you. Do you really have to rub it in???”

3) Why is the baby crying so much . Do you have enough milk (breast)??

“Yes, I do. Shall I spray it on you?”

4) When will you have the second one?

“Hmph!! Like I have the energy to make the second one!!”

5) Is she a good baby??

“What is a “good” baby? The one who doesn’t cry?”

6) Sleep when the baby sleeps.

“Really. And when should I eat, shower and go to the loo!!”

7) Are you going back to work ever?

“I won’t. Is that a problem?”

8) I am so over worked and tired.

“Really unless you pushed a desk out of your vagina and are making sure it is growing well….not the same thing.”

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With the weather getting nippy, I think its the prefect time to get those cosy blankets out. What’s best? This season you can actually wear yours. Ever since I saw Cara Delevinge strut her folklore inspired blanket coat from Burberry, I’ve been hooked. But the Burberry’s prize tag gave me a chill. My high-street version is just as awesome. The blanket coat/wrap is the kimono of autumn-winter. The loose silhouette of the garment does a great job of wrapping and protecting your body whilst keeping you fashionably cool.

blanket coat style

blanket coat crying

I love the versatility of this garment: It can be belted to give some form or worn like a long cardigan or simply like a big scarf.

blanket coat trend

I have paired my plaid style blanket coat with a simple black T-shirt and leggings. I have added a berry colored tote as berry/ burgundy is my favourite autumn colour. It also co-ordinates with the coat. I have used simple silver accessories to compliment the look as I wanted to keep the attention on my blanket coat–the “It” coat for this autumn.

blanket coat style

Blanket coat/wrap: New look, T-shirt: M&S, Leggings: Next, Peep toe wedges: F&F old, Accessories: India/Dubai, Watch: Hubby’s.

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Traveling with a baby is definitely not an idea of fun for many. I have in the recent weeks, cancelled plans because I just cannot be bothered packing the nappy bag, arranging for substitute clothes and making sure that every tiny thing is up to speed while we are out. But going out actually is not just wonderful for a growing baby (change of scenery is supposed to stimulate and develop their senses) but it is extremely essential for the parent too who can catch a break. So without further ado, here are some places in and around Hampshire that are baby and pushchair friendly.

Virginia Water, Surrey: 

Baby's day out

Located on the southern edge  of Windsor Great Park near Ascot, Virginia Water Lake Reservoir is a great place to enjoy a scenic and pleasant walk. The lake  forms the heart of the affluent Virginia Water village and was created from a water body that existed in the 17th century. The circuit around the lake is about 4.5 miles or 7.2 kilometers and consists of both paved and natural path, this makes it a perfect place to enjoy a pleasant walk with your baby in a pushchair. What makes the walk interesting is the number of eye-catching features that gives character to this place. You will find a luscious cascade, a 100 foot totem pole, replica of a ruined city which was imported from North Africa (pictured above) and so on. I felt that showing these things to the baby was really making her happy whilst stimulating her senses. The best part of the park? It is free (except for parking charges) and is open from 8AM to 7PM every day.

South Sea Beach, Portsmouth: 

south sea beach. portsmouth

I love the sea side and wanted my little one to get acquainted with it at the earliest. Her first beach stop was the South Sea beach, Portsmouth. Although a shingle beach, it has a very tantalizing affect. The beach is made of many  different types of stones, scattered and littered. There is a paved way just outside which makes it easier to navigate the place with your pushchair. There are two piers–the south parade pier and the Clarence Pier; the sites are now amusement centers. On a nice summary day, you will find people enjoying kite flying, para sailing and BBQ. The South Sea is a perfect place to enjoy a nice picnic with your loved ones. Just make sure to wrap your little bundle of joy with layers as the sea side can get cold and windy even during summer.

Royal Victoria Country Park, Southampton:

Image Source: Wikipedia Commons, Hethurs

Image Source: Wikipedia Commons, Hethurs

I love open spaces and gardens and I have realised that taking the baby out to a garden is a great way to calm her down. The Royal Victoria Country Park located in Southampton is a 200 acres mature woodland and grassy parkland, with a small shingle beach. The Park is an ideal place to enjoy some weekend relaxation and leisure with your family.  The park’s ancient woodlands, large open spaces, boardwalks and ponds makes it a great place to enjoy a stroller friendly walk with your little one. From 1863 until 1966, the site was home to the Royal Victoria Hospital. The Hampshire County Council acquired the place in 1969 and opened the park to the public in 1970. All that remains of the hospital is the chapel, which acts as a heritage centre providing history of the hospital. This park has greenery, expansive open spaces and plenty of eye-catching birds and mammals that makes the visit all the more interesting for your baby.

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