As you probably know, my blog instead of following a strict niche is all about things and ideas I love. As I am now a mom, I have started a new segment: Mommy musings. Hope you enjoy my take on Motherhood. And thanks for all your love and support 🙂

Motherhood is amusing, exhausting and truly life changing experience. And here’s my funny take on the whole thing.

aria one month collage

  • Every morning at 4 AM, I make a pact with myself that I will stick to clean, healthy eating because you know I want to be a yummy mummy but by 10AM after I have nursed for what seems like zillion times, I wolf down a slice (or two) of cake. Amazingly, I don’t care because I am too exhausted.
  • Sometimes, the only way to calm my little girl is the damn idiot box (TV). And I let her watch. (but only for few minutes) 🙁
  • Some days, I keep a wet and soiled nappy on till hubby’s arrival. I would promptly give the baby to him with the most beguiling smile stating that she did her business just as he walked in.
  • Ever since my daughter’s birth I have been having dark dreams…..where I do nothing but sleep. I have finally begun to realise the beauty of beauty sleep.
  • I have always considered myself to be an intelligent, smart person who can sort out anything in life. Never did I think that my own baby would make me feel like an utter, incompetent fool.
  • I have on an occasion (or two or whatever) woken my hubby up from his deep slumber because I have to nurse and why should he SLEEP???
  • Once upon a time, I used to be prim and proper. Now, I use words like S***, F***, C*** with an alarming ease. 🙁
  • It’s not me it’s the hormones. Hormones have made me weepy, angry, and downright mean. Yes, hormones are the real bitch not me ;).
  • Speaking of bitches, so is 4-month sleep regression.
  • I love seeing my daughter grow but I dread growth spurts.
  • I start my week saying I will only have decaf coffee and tea but by the second day after feeling like a total zombie, I cave in and have a big, fat cup of coffee. The real deal not the decaf thing.
  • I’ve heard mothers are versatile people. I agree I am not just a mom but a soother, cleaner of all dirty things, rocker, wiper, singer (Bad one at that), dancer, baby’s buffet, clown, walker and even bed.
  • Baby wipes are quite versatile–can be used to clean the mirror, windows, tables, your face and so on.
  • At times, I will sit in the loo just a tad bit longer so that I can have a moment of quiet just by myself.
  • Once upon a time, I used to be house proud. Now, the wires of the laptop, the tablet, the God-knows-what are all strewn everywhere with the little lady’s toys and I don’t care.
  • As I have stated here, motherhood is not a job and the pay is crummy. But the returns are amazing.

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I’ve never been a massive sports freak but the husband is absolutely crazy about sports and love football. He watches every match whether the English Premier League or the NFL. As for me, I consider the whole world to be my runway and if given a chance I will turn even a sports event into a fashion show 😉

As the football season has started I thought it would be a great challenge to put together a game day ensemble with a NFL jersey. My pick is the berry-red colored jersey which I think is fall appropriate. I also love the berry and white combination featured here.

Game night ensemble

As jerseys have such a masculine quality to them, I decided to pair it with feminine details after all the perfect match is when yin is happily living together with yang.

I have used black and rose gold items to complete my look. A black skater skirt paired with black ankle boots and trilby hat. Optionally, you can add black sheer tights for comfort.

For the accessories, I’ve chosen rose gold bangle, watch and statement earrings. A faux fur clutch in black is the last item to seal my game night look.

What are your key things for game night ensemble? Is it all about comfort or a dash of style with comfort? Would love to hear your thoughts.

If you are looking for the perfect jersey for your game night then do check Fanatics. You will be spoilt for choice.

PS: This post is a part of the Fanatics Jersey challenge. I have not been paid for this post. 

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If you have been following me for a while, you would probably know that I have a slight obsession with kohl, eyeliners and eye pencils. If you want to buy just one thing for your make-up closet then it should be a black kohl. Nothing is more mesmerizing than eyes can that can speak volumes and a black kohl is just the tool you need to get magnificent pair of eyes. This Spring/Summer black eyeliner ruled the runways like never before. Black eyes means drama, enigma and plenty of attitude. This year from Carven to Missoni to Stella McCartney, black was given a raw and rebellious edge. I loved the black eyeliner look as showcased at Just Cavalli show. It was effortlessly urban and actually quite easy to do. I try to see how this look translates in real life.

As you probably know, I hate using a plethora of products whilst re-creating a look. Here, I’ve used just three products too: Maybelline Eye studio Gel liner, Maybelline Eye Studio Master and Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Mascara. 

Rebel liner tutorial

Take the gel liner first, starting from the inner corner of your eyes make a thin line on the top lid. Stop as you reach the outer corner. Next take the kohl pencil and apply a line on your lower water line. Then apply a bit outside waterline and smudge it slightly with the other end, a cotton bud or your fingers. The smudge effect will give you a lived-in appearance. Seal the look with lashings of the mascara. Voila the look is done.

black eyeliner trends

My verdict: This look has enough drama and pizzazz. The lived-in, slightly messy appearance gives this look an extra punch. It instantly lends you an irresistible appeal and charm. Hence, this is a look that will great in real life just as it looked great on the runway.

graphic liner look

I give this look my full approval for its ease and the fact that it gives you an almost ethereal look. 🙂

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There is no colour as happy as the colour pink. Like Audrey Hepburn I definitely believe in Pink.

midi skirt style

midi skirt style

The midi skirt is my favourite skirt at the moment. My love for versatile clothing is well-known and the midi skirt is another great versatile piece which you should add to your wardrobe. Here, I’ve styled a linen Pink midi with a simple t-shirt for a casual vibe. I have added my favourite rose gold sandals for some oomph and simple accessories to seal the look.

Midi skirt style

midi skirt style

Skirt: Asos, Top: H&M (old), Sandals: Clarks (old) Necklace and earrings: Gifts from mum

Pink for me is happiness and happy girls are prettiest girls 🙂

As a busy mum, I don’t have the luxury to go to a nail saloon to get my nails done. I am also super-paranoid of putting an array of products on my nails lest I’ve to use my fingers to soothe the little one. I was gifted Baylis and Harding’s Skin Spa set comprising hand salts and hand cream and I’ve used this for my express manicure.

manicure at home tutorial

For this express manicure, simply put the salts in some warm water and soak your hand for sometime. With a soft brush gently clean your nails and with a nail filer buff your nails.

at home manicure tutorial

After that give your hands a nice massage with the intensive hand cream.

at home manicure

The hand salt and cream has a delicious smell of basil and lime. As soon as you open the cream, this lovely aroma wafts and fills your senses. There is a hint of sugar cane too, sugar cane is well-known for its moisturizing properties. True to its name, the cream really gives your hands intense moisture and a lovely aroma that stays for hours. I am  definitely in love with this nifty little product that gives Spa-like care at home.

at home manicure tutorial

To finish your at home express manicure, put your favourite nail polish and VOILA you are done!

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