This Summer (although here in UK it does not look like summer), I have decided to give the usual pastels and floral nail art a rest. Instead, I am taking a “darker” route. Ruffian nail art is my current favourite perhaps because it really does not require a lot of time and you get a fun nail art in a matter of minutes.

You will need a nail polish of your choice, top and bottom coat and a nail art pen. I have used Nicole by OPI poised in turquoise, Sally Hansen Complete Care and Barry M Nail Art pen in Black. 

ruffian nail art tutorial

After applying the nail varnish and letting it completely dry, I have sealed the colour with the Sally Hansen complete care coat.

ruffian nail art tutorial

The third and final step is to take the nail art pen and gingerly make a moon-like design on the bottom part of your nail. Seal it once again with a top coat. Tada, it is done!!

ruffian nail art design

Told you, it is rather simple 😀



Week 38th (of pregnancy) started with a major case of baby brain and I actually felt that I won’t be able to lift a finger even if someone paid me millions. But turns out I can be bribed for much less. I got this kimono and suddenly inspiration and energy came back rushing :).

kimono fashion

kimono fashion

I was rather apprehensive to try on the Kimono look (which seems to be the craze these days) but this has become my favourite garment of late. Not only, it is comfortable and light enough to carry you on a hot, sunny day. For pregnant girls like me, who are on the last leg of their pregnancy and feeling “big” it is the best thing that streamlines the body and somehow elongates it. A win-win situation at least for me.

kimono fashion


Kimono style


Kimono: H and M (sold out, similar), leggings: New Look maternity, Vest: H and M maternity, Bag: Osprey London, Sandals and Accessories: Gifts from Mum, Sunglasses: Hubby’s Ray-ban. 

The fact that it is so versatile is another major plus. Here, I have teamed it with a simple vest and leggings combination but I cannot wait to try (and post) different styles using the brilliant Kimono.


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If you have been following my blog, you would have noticed that I do have a sort-of unhealthy obsession with the colour White. Next to Pink, I think White is my favourite colour. I love it for its versatility and every summer, a white jacket enters my heart and subsequently my closet. Last summer, it was all about this Gap number which I used (and abused). And this year, despite being 37 weeks pregnant feeling annoyingly huge and tired I still managed to get my favourite wardrobe hero.

styling white jacket

how to style white jacket

I love an outerwear that can be used during sunny days as well as rainy days (as is the norm here in UK) and this jacket fits the bill perfectly. And the fact that it can worn in zillion ways– with leggings, over a dress or a skater skirt is definitely a plus.

how to style white jacket Jacket: Columbia Sportswear (similar), leggings: H and M maternity, Top: Next Maternity, Boots: Fiorelli, Bag: Aldo (Dubai/gifted), Watch: Tissot and lips: Up the Amp by Mac.

So do you have any such must-have wardrobe obsessions? Do let me know in the comments section.

I do apologise for the images, it was one of the those annoying rainy weekend here in UK and even though there was no opportunity to step out and do the shoot, I knew I had to do it for the sake of my sanity 😉

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If you’ve been following my blog, you will notice that I am vehement about promoting positive body image. It is natural to feel a bit lost when it comes to pregnancy and style when your body is a cocktail of hormones and growing every single day but I insist dear ladies (and gentlemen) it is a wonderful journey which will make you respect your body more than before.

My tips to embrace style in pregnancy and be the chic mum? Stretch fabrics, playing around with colour and most importantly a confidence that you are nothing less than a Goddess. Here are some of the popular looks, I’ve experimented with throughout these 36 weeks.

Bold Colours:




So yes, pregnant or not enjoy your body because it is truly a great thing 😉

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Tousled or Mermaid Waves were frequently show cased in several SS14 shows like Mulberry and Versace. I absolutely adore this look as it is laid-back and carefree written all over it. Yes, there are many ways to achieve the perfectly imperfect tousled waves using a plethora on curling irons and what-nots. But I am the lazy girl with absolutely no patience for curling irons (plus the fact I never can get them right ;)). So, I have an easy-peasy solution for getting this style with cascading waves.

SS14 hair trend tousled hair

For starters, I massaged my hair with almond and olive oil both known to nourish and moisture hair. After keeping it for an hour (longer the better), I washed it off with John Frieda’s smooth start shampoo and conditioner (you can use any good shampoo/conditioner for wavy/curly hair). After towel drying my hair for about ten minutes, I applied a dollop of their Unwind Curls Calming Creme (again this is what I’ve at the moment, you can use any). Blow dry your hair roughly and make it about 60% dry. Make two pigtails or one big plait depending on what kind of waves you want. Leave it overnight or for 5-6 hours.

tousled hair trend SS14

The next day (or after 6 hours), gingerly take out your plaits and finger comb your hair puffing it little near the crown. Voila! You and your uber-cool tousled waves are now ready.

tousled hair trend

Lips: Revlon Embellished, Face: Carita,  Eyes: Maybelline Eye Studio Master Smokey

My verdict: This is perhaps my all-time favourite hairstyles simply because it so easy to pull-off and I know for a fact that everyone gives you a second look (for good reasons) in this hair style. This is my I-am-too-cool care look and hence this trend definitely wins hands down ;).

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