Not done a poetry post for long, so without further ado it goes:

In the curve of her waist,
In the ride of her breast,
In the dance of her feet,
In the darkness of her hair,
In the laugh of her lips,
In the joy of her being
He knew he had found heaven.

In the strength of his shoulders,
In the wisdom his eyes,
In the palm of his hands,
In the music of his words,
In the warmth of his touch,
In the kindness of his soul
She knew she had found hers.

The earth whispered to her
like wind kissing the sky
Her muddled thoughts
like a fog stained glass
dissolved in the elusive light
and from there emerged
a determination strong
and steely like she once was.

I have been a little lazy in poetry department but the truth is there was nothing to inspire me and get the creative juices flowing. However, I penned this one a few days ago thanks to a rather wandering mind and sleepless night 😉

Behind her smile she hid gossamer of tears

A grief that remained unnoticed,

For her dreams broken like scattered stones.

Behind her smile she hid her doubts,

A train of unquiet thoughts.

Of life’s unknown

Clashing her like an angry sea on a bed rocks.

Behind her smile she hid happiness

Fragile like a pallid snow.

Behind her smile she hid

The inevitable highs and lows

Through life’s thick and thin.

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She was living a dream

Captain of her Ship,

Master of her life.

Danced her own dance

To music only she could hear.

Engrossed in her solitude

Life passed her like a gradual wave.

She walked alone

Along the pathless woods,

She slept alone

Under the starry skies.

Never wavering.

Never floundering.  

Then came a traveler

Stumbled on her path.

A dreamer that

became a song her head.

Playing like a stuck record.

The tune increasing the

Crescendo with every step.

His tune no different from hers,

Yet so unlike.

Like a giant ocean

The traveler kissed her away

To a dreamland

Beyond her little world

Beyond her solitude.

Beyond her dream.


 PS: This poem is joint effort by my sister and me. Hope you enjoyed it. 

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Now that actress Olivia Wilde has gone on and made breast feeding glamorous, I thought why not write a poetry on this most natural act. There is a small disclaimer though: Breastfeeding might be natural but it is still a lot of hard work 😉

It’s boobies and babies,

It’s nursing and comforting,

It’s nourishing and nurturing.

It’s two hour feedings,

It’s demand and supply,

It’s tiring growth-spurts.

It’s bubba’s first champagne

The best food out there.

It’s tiny fingers

holding your hand.

It’s soothing smile,

A soft cooing sound,

A contented laughter,

The best bonding out there.

It’s love dribbling,


And Spraying.

It’s the best cardio out there

That makes you eat like a pig.

It’s health,


And sound sleep–but not for the mama.

When done in public,

It doesn’t make you a titillating tramp

But rather a nurturing goddess.

It is simply breastfeeding.


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