This Summer (although here in UK it does not look like summer), I have decided to give the usual pastels and floral nail art a rest. Instead, I am taking a “darker” route. Ruffian nail art is my current favourite perhaps because it really does not require a lot of time and you get a fun nail art in a matter of minutes.

You will need a nail polish of your choice, top and bottom coat and a nail art pen. I have used Nicole by OPI poised in turquoise, Sally Hansen Complete Care and Barry M Nail Art pen in Black. 

ruffian nail art tutorial

After applying the nail varnish and letting it completely dry, I have sealed the colour with the Sally Hansen complete care coat.

ruffian nail art tutorial

The third and final step is to take the nail art pen and gingerly make a moon-like design on the bottom part of your nail. Seal it once again with a top coat. Tada, it is done!!

ruffian nail art design

Told you, it is rather simple 😀



If you’ve been following my blog, you will notice that I am vehement about promoting positive body image. It is natural to feel a bit lost when it comes to pregnancy and style when your body is a cocktail of hormones and growing every single day but I insist dear ladies (and gentlemen) it is a wonderful journey which will make you respect your body more than before.

My tips to embrace style in pregnancy and be the chic mum? Stretch fabrics, playing around with colour and most importantly a confidence that you are nothing less than a Goddess. Here are some of the popular looks, I’ve experimented with throughout these 36 weeks.

Bold Colours:




So yes, pregnant or not enjoy your body because it is truly a great thing 😉

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Who would have thought that the humble pony tail would take the runway and the glitterati by storm? I do admit ponytails can never be a passing trend this is an evergreen hairstyle that comes in different avatars each year. With sports luxe being a major trend how can the effortless pony tail hairstyle be left behind? From DKNY to Victoria Beckham, from celebrities like Popy Delevinge to Scarlett Johansson  everyone will show you that the pony tail is no longer just for gym. Here’s my take on the trend.

Look 1– Sleek, low pony tail: 

pony tail trend ss14

After straightening my wavy hair, I have simply taken it and tied it with an elastic. I have taken few strands from front to soften my look. For loose ends, I have used two bobby pins on the back. This one is definitely a hairstyle that will take you less than five minutes.

Look 2–Curly side low pony

pony tail hair trends ss14

After defining my curls, following the steps mentioned here. I have simply taken my hair from the left side (leaving a few in front of the left ear) and taken it to the opposite side, I have simply tied all my hair in an elastic and have tucked the left-out hair on the other side in twists. Another 5 minute hairstyle; the only thing to remember when dealing with curly hair is to appreciate and respect the sanctity of your natural curls rather than fiddling with it too much.  This would be my go-to hairstyle for a date night as it is messy and slightly whimsical.

Look 3–Curly high pony

pony tail hair trends SS14

Once again after defining my curls, I have taken all my hair using my fingers and tucked it in an elastic. Taking my pony just below the crown and slightly towards the side. For volume, I have simply puffed the hair on crown using my fingers.

My verdict for this trend: It is easy, fast to pull, looks good on everyone and can be interpreted in thousand ways. What’s not to love? 😉

Ever since I saw Kerry Washington in a crop top whilst pregnant; I have been obsessed. I have been toying with the idea for ages and I must confess I never dared this look even when I was not pregnant. But l finally decided to man up and sport one last weekend during my mini-vacation. I started my 31st week then and I had no idea why I decided to take this style challenge upon myself.


crop top in pregnancy

I picked up this crop style light cardigan on a whim and teamed it up with a pencil skirt. I realised most pregnant women stay away from pencil style but I can vouch that it is quite flattering which will only compliment your curves.

crop top style in pregnancy

crop top in pregnancy

Cardigan: Primark, Skirt: Debenhams, Scarf: H&M, Booties: Asos, Shoes: Sorel, Socks: Topshop, Glasses: Calvin Klein

Who says you need to play safe when it comes to pregnancy style? Try experimenting you will be pleasantly surprised 🙂

And are you wondering why I changed into shoes in the last picture? Well, try walking with a 8 month bump 😉

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One of the looks I am loving at the moment is the uber cool–sports luxe look. Sports inspired look can be flattering, flexible and unlike other fashion trends–super comfortable. Perhaps this is why everyone from Gucci, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Topshop have embraced this style.  Here’s how I’ve personalised this trend.

sports luxe look maternity

As your pregnancy progresses; comfort does become a major factor when it comes to styling. So here, I have worn a pair of jersey joggers and my favourite: “hand off the bump” word tee. (cheeky, I know). I have also used my comfy walking shoes–a cross between flats and gym trainers and a plaid shirt which is perfect for adding a light layer.

sports luxe look maternity

sports luxe look maternity

Joggers: H&M, Tee: New Look, Shirt: Next, Bag: Zara, Shoes: Sorel, Sunglasses: India

For a girly element, I have added a bright blue bag and pinkish sunglasses. I am certainly loving the sports luxe style this season are you?