Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months ~Oscar Wilde

There are some things in fashion that are so inexplicable that one should just enjoy it without questions. The vest jacket or sleeveless jacket is one such thing. No one can really understand its efficiency but also cannot ignore it completely. When the hubby dearest saw this in my wardrobe, he shook his head, ttched-ttched and called it the man-repeller jacket!

sleeveless jacket style

how to style sleeveless jacket

However, as I am a rebel without a pause, I still kept it. The vest or the sleeveless jacket is edgy, rebellious and effortless (just like my mood some days) throw is over a simple jeans and tee for a casual look or pair with suede mini, roll-neck and boots for added oomph or mix it with a pencil dress…the options are plenty.

how to style sleeveless jacket

how to style sleeveless jacket

Here, I have used it to give a pop of colour to my all black ensemble. I have thrown it over a black cardigan, ankle boots and black leggings. This is the kind of look I go for when I am spending my off-days running errands or when I am at work.

sleeveless jacket

sleeveless jacket

Cardigan+jeggings: H&M (old), Jacket: local shop also like this one, bag: Osprey London

Man-repelling or not; if I can throw just one garment to look put-together and fun it is a winner in my eyes.

Do you agree?

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“Baby, it’s cold outside”

Truth be told when it comes to winter fashion, I am extremely bad. Knitwear remains my biggest style quandary. However, I cannot undermine the necessity and the practicality of good knitwear. When JD Williams asked me to review their knitwear range, I was chuffed because I love a good style challenge. Winter is all about comfort, warmth and ease. However, finding the perfect knitwear which keeps you toasty warm yet stylishly ahead is a tough task so it is nice to know that JD Williams has options that can leave you spoilt for choice.


For my first look, I’ve chosen a simple, effortless yet chic boucle jumper. I love incorporating dark colours in my wardrobe for a plethora of reasons. It adds edginess to your everyday ensembles. Ever since becoming a mom, I opt for pieces that can go with most of the things in my wardrobe, is hassle-free and most importantly is comfortable and chic. This jumper definitely ticks all those boxes.



I’ve paired it with acid-colour jeggings, my favourite ankle boots and my suede coat. I’ve added a hat and gloves because baby it IS cold outside. This look is all about minimal effort, keeping it simple, casual and yet modish.



Knitwear:JD Williams, Jeggings: Select Fashion, Boots: Fiorelli (old), Gloves:Dorothy Perkins, Hat: H&M (old)

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It is the first day of December, the last month of the year. Don’t blame me if I am already in a festive mood. Keeping that in mind, I have created a style smorgasbord that will hopefully answer some of those wardrobe worries that grips us inevitably this time of the year. So, here are few of my favourite looks that will make you a traffic stopper weather you are shimmying with your friends at a club, are having a cosy dinner with your family or are enjoying the beautiful fireworks outside.

The black jumpsuit: 

party ideas

A black jumpsuit is edgy with a dollop of pizzazz. Here, I’ve paired it with silver strappy high heels and faux fur clutch. I’ve thrown in statement earrings with a pop of coral for a bit of colour.

The lace dress: 

party idea1

A lace dress is perennially romantic, ethereal and hence festive. Look for a vibrant colored number with pleats that creates an illusion for a lady like charm. Pair with statement necklace. a quirky bag, sensible heels and simple bracelet for an unrestrained chic look.

The midi look: 


Yes, I am partial to midi but there is no denial that it exudes class and sophistication. Pick up a sequinned number to keep it party-worthy. Pair it with simple sandals and earrings to let the dress speak for itself.

My other festive season tip is to  choose great quality shape wear to hide your naughty bits and never ever forget the power of scarves, coats and shrugs. Look for luxurious materials like faux fur, leather and suede for outerwear and vibrant prints for scarves.

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“You cannot fake chic but you can be chic and fake fur.”- Karl Lagerfeld

While we may have bid our adieus to summer and sunshine; I am clinging to one thing that is usually considered a spring/summer staple—the classic floral dress. However, this winter I have given my perennial love a decidedly darker edge with a moody, dark floral palette.  I chose this dress to celebrate my anniversary last week. Floral dresses have a definite fun vibe but when it has a moody quality to it then it becomes a floral dress with gravitas—exactly what you need when you are celebrating a special occasion after becoming a mom.

Autumn winter fashion

Autumn winter fashion

Of late, faux fur has become a darling material with style seekers as well as fashion gurus. I certainly think that this cruelty free material exudes luxury and gives me unrestrained gratification. So, to add a level of opulence to my moody floral dress, I have paired it with a tiered faux fur coat. I have also used my woolen hat to keep the cold and wind at bay. To keep the focus entirely on my clothes, I have chosen a simple court style shoes and covered my legs with dark tights because to be honest, I just did not have the temerity to go bare legged in this cold.

autumn winter fashion

autumn winter fashion

autumn winter fashion

autumn winter fashion

Dress: Simply Be, Coat: Select Fashion, Shoes: H &M, Tights & Hat: H&M

With its vibrant, fiery and smoldering appeal, a dark floral dress should be just the dress you need for the upcoming festive season. Add a lavish style coat and I bet there is no stopping you from becoming the show stopper wherever you choose to go.

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I don’t know about you but I am a shameless cloth hoarder who should be seriously fined for her impulsive shopping habits. I would buy clothes and other tidbits and it will be relegated to the deep end of my wardrobe completely forgotten. If I use it, it will be used only for once or twice. When it comes to shopping, I am like Becky Bloomwood (from Shopaholic series) I have often brought clothes thinking it can cure of anything. “I love new clothes. If everyone could just wear new clothes every day, I reckon depression wouldn’t exist anymore,” is actually the mantra I live by. If my family or friends stop me from giving in to impulsive shopping, I simply say this in my defense. Needless to say, I am not exactly very proud of this and I am seriously curbing my spending habits. So, I have set a challenge for myself—that I would not shop for a month (God, help me) and actually re-use and re-style the clothes I already have.

As a style lover, I think it will be a great challenge. We often pair or marry things to each other in our closet and assume that it is match made in heaven. But clothes can actually have polygamous relationship and the world will not end if you swap that shirt with a cardigan to go with that skirt (you get the picture). Truth be told, as a new mum who is still learning the ropes, I honestly DO NOT have the time to think too much about what to wear and often have to dash in whatever I find first. Keeping all these things in mind, I think this is the perfect time to start this challenge (mostly for myself).

Fall Fashion

Fall Fashion

With the weather getting decidedly cold, this is the perfect time to get those cozy sweaters, tights and boots out. I brought this flippy skirt last summer, it was worn exactly once for half-a-day and was put in my summer wardrobe, locked and forgotten. I came across the skirt whilst re-arranging my wardrobe and almost squealed with joy (but consumed with guilt the next moment). The oversized was brought for the hubby but somehow never saw any daylight. So, I decided to put the two together and this warm, toasty look for crisp autumn evenings was born.

Fall Fashion

As I mentioned here, skirts and sweaters are my autumn/ fall wardrobe staple. Add few other elements like layered necklaces, tights, booties and a hat and you have a look that is truly legendary.


Sweater: United Colors of Benetton (similar), Skirt: Marks & Spencer (similar), Booties: Asos, Tights: Primark, Hat: H&M, Bag: Topshop, Earring/ Heart Pendant necklace: India, Bird necklace: Local shop in Sheffield. 

Legends of the fall, indeed.

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