I’ve never been a massive sports freak but the husband is absolutely crazy about sports and love football. He watches every match whether the English Premier League or the NFL. As for me, I consider the whole world to be my runway and if given a chance I will turn even a sports event into a fashion show 😉

As the football season has started I thought it would be a great challenge to put together a game day ensemble with a NFL jersey. My pick is the berry-red colored jersey which I think is fall appropriate. I also love the berry and white combination featured here.

Game night ensemble

As jerseys have such a masculine quality to them, I decided to pair it with feminine details after all the perfect match is when yin is happily living together with yang.

I have used black and rose gold items to complete my look. A black skater skirt paired with black ankle boots and trilby hat. Optionally, you can add black sheer tights for comfort.

For the accessories, I’ve chosen rose gold bangle, watch and statement earrings. A faux fur clutch in black is the last item to seal my game night look.

What are your key things for game night ensemble? Is it all about comfort or a dash of style with comfort? Would love to hear your thoughts.

If you are looking for the perfect jersey for your game night then do check Fanatics. You will be spoilt for choice.

PS: This post is a part of the Fanatics Jersey challenge. I have not been paid for this post. 

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Be Yourself

“Be Yourself; everyone is already taken.”
-Oscar Wilde

(Photo via: Pinterest)

(The inspiration for this post came after reading a beautiful thought on a friend‘s Facebook page. Individuality is such a rare factor these days, with many of us (sometimes including me) trying to be someone else. All for the sake of getting into somebody’s good books. Then, I read an apt quote by Johnny Depp, “I think everybody’s weird. We should all celebrate our individuality and not be embarrassed or ashamed of it.” Now, who can argue with Johnny boy? And it got me thinking about my own weirdness and quirks that make me….well…me!)


I am not a morning person but I love waking up to the chirping sound of birds.

Chocolate is the answer to all the problems. And then Coffee.

The best sound in the world is the sound of waves lashing against each other and the rocks.

I love scavenging for sea shells and coloured stones.

I am not a believer but every time I see the vast expanse of an ocean or the might of a mountain, I experience God.

Sometimes, I dance with a complete abandon. It’s my way to get a high.

When I am really happy, I throw my head back and laugh a throaty laughter. People then call me mad but I am just happy.

I love the feeling of ocean water slowly washing my feet.

I have many expensive gifts but the best one is a black marble Ganesha given to me by some villagers from a tiny hamlet in Rajasthan.

I don’t care for perfection; imperfections are endearing.

There are many things  that make Me.

Just like many things  that make You.

Then why this rush to be someone else?