I have been hemming and hawing about the much coveted ESPA facial. As I mentioned here, I have been having a lot of issues with skin. My skin is not only prone to spots but also tends to look tired and dull if I miss out on TLC. Hence, when the man of the house, Mr. Husband, gifted me a spa day at Blu Radisson, London along with ESPA facial I was beyond chuffed.

On my birthday, I reached Blu Radisson and quickly slipped on to the robe and headed for a well-deserving pampering and relaxation session. My first stop was at the really, really hot sauna hot. I could barely be there for ten minutes but I soldiered on. Regular sauna has several benefits: it flushes out toxins, strengthens immune system and helps in muscle recovery (a must for gym rats and sports people). What makes the Sauna at Blu Radisson special is the ice fountain next to it. You can use it in conjugation with the steam/sauna or alone at the end. The hot and cold cycle of sauna and ice (on my skin) really rejuvenated my skin and opened all the pores making it supple and brighter.

Once this was done, I was taken to the relaxation room. Now, relaxation is a must for busy mums like me. Have you heard of a relaxed and calm mum? I bet not because it is an oxymoron. To help me in the relaxation process, I was green a hot cuppa of mint tea and some tasty (and healthy) snacks. I was left alone in the room with a meditative music playing in the back ground. Now, any health nut worth their carefully cultivated Himalayan salt would agree this would relax even the haywire mind (like mine). Before I knew it, I closed my eyes and drifted to a zen like state (which was certainly new to me).

My honest review of Espa facial and skin care range

Next came the Holy Grail of pampering—the ESPA facial. My therapist came and took me into another room. All the ESPA facial products were kept there and for a fleeting second I tried to look nonchalant about it. However, I miserably failed as I was extremely excited to try this facial. My therapist asked me about my skin concerns and acknowledged it all with a smiling face. Next thing I know I was plopped on the bed and she took the scrub deftly starting the massage.

This facial is designed to brighten under-par skin, and bring it back to life using lots of ESPA’s new Tri-Active Advanced Instant Facial serum. The relaxing massage soothed my perpetually frayed nerves and unblocked the stress knots on my forehead, neck and back. Finally, the therapist applied a cellulose mask which sets off like a jelly and once you peel it off you would get a happier, hydrated and healthier skin.

I can honestly say ESPA facial would be one of the best facials you would ever do. Even two days, my hubby and friends commented how hydrated and fresh my face looks. And any busy, tired woman would tell you that is the best compliment you can get ever. 🙂

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Hello, my lovelies. As you can see I am back after almost a month. I finished my paper yesterday and hopefully did well. So, it’s freedom for sometime. I had quite a week. My second post on Huffington Post, has gone viral with over 5K shares just on Facebook. I wrote about an extremely emotive election issue affecting numerous families and people like me in the UK. I am beyond overwhelmed and it has given me some encouragement to write more about serious issues, things that really matter.

Neoprene Dress trend

Anyhow, how have you been all? I honestly missed each one of my blogger friends and readers. But I am back and reading all my favourite blogs 🙂

Neoprene dress trend

Now, back to this style post. As mentioned here, neoprene has become the darling fabric in fashion circles. Once restricted to swimwear and laptop sleeves, these days it has become the go-to material for outwear.

Neoprene dress trend

Neo - 1 (3)

Dress: H&M (sold out, love this one too), Earrings: Accessorise (old), Booties: Asos (old)

I was slightly hesitant to try out this material and picked up this dress from H&M with trepidation. However, the fitted silhouette and the full circle, pleated skirt attracted me to this dress. The spiffy embellishment on it gives it a playful edge too.  I have kept it simple with styling because you don’t want to look like a Christmas tree in such a dress. I have just used statement earrings, a black bracelet and my favourite black booties to seal the look.

Simple yet sensational, don’t you think?

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January is a tough month for most of us as we are slowly getting back to the daily grind. Here, in this part of the world it has been unusually cold, dark and (for a lack of a better word) blah. A perfect month when we all need a bit more of TLC; so I have compiled a list of beauty essentials that is on top of my daily ritual and which gives my skin and mind some much needed boost.


Bodyshop Elderflower Unperfumed Eye Gel: I have a baby, studies and work which means burning the midnight oil is a daily ritual. This obviously leads to dark circles and under eye bags. This nifty little thing is immensely helping me to keep both the culprits at bay while giving me refreshed, cheerful eyes each day. It is definitely my most favourite product of this month.

Bodyshop wild rose hand cream: These days my hands often feel like paper (I kid you not) thanks to all those postpartum hormones and cold, freezing winter conditions. Although I have tried several hand creams this has become my favourite as it is richly moisturising with a delicious rose scent.

Rimmel Keep calm lip balm: Unfortunately, winter dryness is not just restricted to my hands. I love collecting lip balms and my hubby is often surprised that I have one in every nook and cranny of our home. This number from Rimmel not only nicely moisturises the lips but also gives it a pleasant pinkish tint. It also gives a soft shine to your lips giving it a healthy vibe.

Clinique up-lightening liquid illuminator: I’ve reviewed this item before here. I love this bronzer which gives you a subtle shimmer and a healthy glow. The best thing? The formula is light enough without weighing you down or overpowering you.

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