“Being a mom has made me so tired. And so happy.”–Tina Fey

I have stated in this blog that Motherhood is a tough business and how lonely it can get.  I will tell you another thing—having and raising a baby is an absolute joy and here are my reasons.

Image Via Google Images

Image Via Google Images

  • There are days when I genuinely feel like I will have the mother of all meltdowns. I feel like nothing is going my way and it drives me mad; on such days all I have to do is spend 15 minutes with my little girl and play with her. Something amazing happens, all the anxiety, doubts and insecurities leaves me and I feel renewed with positive energy.
  • Before her I had no idea that it was even possible to love someone so much and love makes all of us better as a person.
  • When she holds my hand or grabs my top with her little fingers peace envelops me.
  • When she giggles and sings happily it makes me laugh even if I am exhausted to the core.
  • William Wordsworth had said, “Child is the father of man,” it is perhaps true. It is amazing how this little person teaches me every day to live in the moment.
  • I feel like the most important person on earth when she cries and brings the house down just because I am not there.
  • Yes, it can be overwhelming and mad but it is worth it.

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“Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together.”—Elizabeth Taylor

 Print clash trend

Once upon a time, wearing clashing prints, textures and patterns was considered a big fashion faux pas. However, fashion has a way to adapt and change instantly; hence clashing prints is so longer considered as style eccentricity and has become the de rigueur.

As mentioned here, it will be one of the key trends in the coming months. 70s inspired, House of Holland show at the recently concluded LFW showcased this look in a very interesting avatar. So, what are you waiting for? Bring out your prints and let the clashing madness begin.

print clash trend

As with any trend, you need to remember few rules. Mixing spots with stripes or stripes with floral are two easiest ways but if you really want to up the ante then mix vibrant patterns in colours that complement each other or has one “leading” colour.


Here, I have paired my bold graphic print bodycon dress with a floral skirt. Black is the dominant colour in both the skirt and the top (dress worn as top). To complete the look, I’ve used simple accessories like a black-silver cuff and earrings, my brown bucket bag and simple peep toe wedges.

clashing prints

Skirt: Next (old) similar, Dress: Marks &Spencer, Bag: Zara

I personally love this trend as it reminds of simpler times when you didn’t have to think too much about ways to look and feel good. Plus, I am a bit partial to anything quirky 😉

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This post requires a great amount of honesty from me hence I have been delaying it till now. But I have finally mustered the courage to speak about this.  There is no denial that motherhood (most of the time) ruins your body in some way or the other; it takes your vanity and crushes it with all its might.

I was fortunate to not gain too much weight during pregnancy as I was really active throughout it. I also did not get any stretch marks until the very end that is. The scraggly reddish lines that I now have are a permanent reminder of the journey my body and I went through.

Honestly, I loathe them. Although my mummy tummy has almost gone, I still have softness, a squidgy texture there that refuses to go. Each day, when I see myself in the mirror I wonder if I will ever get back my pre baby flat, rock hard abs. Maybe. Maybe not.

As a breastfeeding mom, my breasts are huge. No amount of chest press seems to be working. It makes me extremely self-conscious even though I try not to care.

And don’t even get me started on bladder control.

I am a young mom (29 is still young, right?) but these signs that motherhood has given me makes me feel old. I wonder almost every day why women have to bear the burden of perpetuating life on earth?

Recently, supermodel Cindy Crawford’s untouched photos have melted the internet; if not broken it entirely. Now, there are claims that the images are fake. If those images are indeed real; then kudos to her for blowing the lid off this “perfect mommy myth.” The fact is most of us do not have the luxury of nannies, tailor made diet plans, cosmetic surgeons and personal trainers to lose the baby weight. We just have plain old willingness to toil and work hard to get fitter while taking care of a tiny person and managing thousand different things.

Also, who is to decide that only “perfect” bodies are beautiful bodies? The silver lining is that I am also in awe of my body. I have new-found respect for it.

Image Via Google Images

Image Via Google Images

Each day when I do my work, the little one perched on my side, I don’t see the ugly love handles but a safe and secure spot for the little one to sit on. When she lovingly tries to climb up on me I don’t see a less than perfect body but a safe haven that holds her tightly and nurtures her steadily.

When I feed her, listening to her happy tune I don’t see my huge boobs but my ability to nourish her each day. When I walk holding, comforting and patting her, I don’t see my big thighs but legs that continue to do its work each day without giving in.

This body with all its imperfections really has served us well.

In taking care of her, I see my body for its strength, its amazing ability to adapt to the challenge of motherhood and I see love—unadulterated and pure.

To use the cliché, I am now a tigress who has earned her stripes and yes you will hear me roar.

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A New Year sparks a great enthusiasm to hit the gym and get fit. I am no different, I do want to get fit (not just skinny) but being a busy mum who is working part time and studying part time, I sometimes do not have the sufficient time to put aside to exercise (#notproudmoment). However, I have mentioned many times in this blog that exercising even 30 minutes a day boosts my spirit and mood like nothing else. So, without further ado here are my fitness resolutions for this year—a year during which I will be working on myself.


Start Running: One of my long term goals is to run a half marathon. Blame it on all my fit mamma friends who have run marathons like it is no body’s business; I too have got bitten by the running bug. However, there is one small issue I am scared of running. I love yoga and weight training but ask me to run, some strange fear grips me. Truth be told, running intimidates me. So to kick start this resolution, I have started the Couch to 5K programme. It gently eases you to running and is a great programme to follow for even the most time pressed individual.

Image Via: Google

Image Via: Google

Get back to the yoga mat: Ever since having my baby, I have been quite irregular with my yoga practice. However, I hope to change that and start regular yoga sessions soon. Good bye back pain and insomnia. Hurray!!

Training the brain: Fitness is definitely not restricted to just physical aspect but mental too. While studying and preparing for my exams later this year is greatly challenging my brains, I also hope to learn a new language. This is something I plan each year hopefully writing this down in public domain will motivate me to get going.


Hula hooping: Every year, I try to learn something new to add on to my exercise repertoire. Not that I master anything but doing a range of exercises is a must not just because my body quickly gets used to one form but also because it makes exercising fun. Hula hooping is something I have wanted to do for a long time but never got to do. I recently read that hula hooping can help mums to get rid of their mummy tummy and give them a mean, tough core. This has given me the final push. And I must say it is FUN!!

Meditation: Although I have been learning yoga for almost three years now, I have never got around to properly learning the art of meditation. Apparently, I am one those unfortunate people who cannot “quiet” their mind. I am slightly ashamed to admit that I can be a bit of worrier and a control freak; hence this year I am consciously learning to let go and accept that nothing is in my control. If I can manage to do even 20 minutes of meditation each day, I will consider this year to be a success.

So, these are my resolutions which will hopefully make me a fitter person not just physically but mentally and emotionally too 🙂

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“Pink it was love at first sight. Pink when I turn out the light, and Pink gets me high as a kite. And I think everything is going to be all right. No matter what we do tonight.”–Aerosmith

Pink is definitely my favourite color, a color that cheers me instantly and gives me joy. If happiness had color it would be pink. Whilst black on the other hand is full of mystery and enigma. Combine these two colors and you have a sartorial match made in heaven.

pink is my favourite color

As stated in my last style post, I have successfully managed to NOT shop for a week and need I say I am mighty pleased with myself. I wore this Vero Moda top ages ago in this post whilst the black lace skirt is from this post. There was a time, when I would always match my top to my shoes but I have outgrown the phase. However, this is a throw back to my old days and I have used my hot pink shoes from this post. I have used a structured black bag (from this post) and simple accessories in pink to seal this look whilst the belt is from Dubai.

pink is my favorite color

My body has gone through several transitions but pregnancy and child-birth definitely has been the toughest. As my body is slowly (very slowly) loosing the baby weight, I am often puzzled as to what to wear. Yes, there are days when I just feel so stupid because of my body rather than being proud of it for what it has achieved. It is amazing how women face all kinds of body insecurity after giving birth. Hence, rather than covering up myself in loose, shapeless clothes I make a point to wear something that makes me feel good, happy and confident. As confidence my dear friends is the best accessory that you should always have regardless of your size.

pink is my favorite color


Similar Pink sweater: Warehouse, Similar Shoes: Asos, Similar Skirt: Asos, Earrings: Swarvoski, Bracelet: From India, Similar Bag: Osprey London 

Coming back to the challenge, ladies and gents never say you have nothing to wear because with little bit of imagination you can create different styles for each day of the year. Well yes, almost.

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