The earth whispered to her
like wind kissing the sky
Her muddled thoughts
like a fog stained glass
dissolved in the elusive light
and from there emerged
a determination strong
and steely like she once was.

I have been a little lazy in poetry department but the truth is there was nothing to inspire me and get the creative juices flowing. However, I penned this one a few days ago thanks to a rather wandering mind and sleepless night šŸ˜‰

Behind her smile she hid gossamer of tears

A grief that remained unnoticed,

For her dreams broken like scattered stones.

Behind her smile she hid her doubts,

A train of unquiet thoughts.

Of lifeā€™s unknown

Clashing her like an angry sea on a bed rocks.

Behind her smile she hid happiness

Fragile like a pallid snow.

Behind her smile she hid

The inevitable highs and lows

Through lifeā€™s thick and thin.

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Today’s guest poetry post is by Nitya who describes her journey as a traveler or a vagabond. Here it goes:

Treading along the glorious paths,

Amidst the endless stretch of mountains,

One becomes a tiny speck of dirt,

An insignificant part of Universe.

Yet it reaks of an unspoken philosophy,

That teaches you the Words of the Wise.

The cold wind that turns you numb,

The rains that drench you without warning,

The enormous size of the snow clad peaks,

Gives an enthralling sense of thrill,

That the world’s best Hash can’t-

A different kind of High.

The sound that you hear is the voice of God,

Reminding you of your insignificance,

Teaching you to stay humble.

Because without a warning,

Within a blink of an eye,

The wind may turn into a storm,

The calm sea may flash its turbulence.

Live now,

Live forever.

Watch where you go,

Remember what you leave.

Coz yesterday’s already gone,

Today is what you have,

And Tomorrow is just a hope.

This poem/post is written by my kid sister Dr. Nitya Balagopalan who is a medical intern. When she is not saving the world and helpingĀ patients, she puts pen to paper and brings out such beautiful thoughts. Read on..

I sit alone with eye open wide

Staring at the dark, black sky

With prodigious dreams

I think of a life beyond these tangled seams.

I may not talk, I may not speak,

It’s only ’cause my thoughts are big.

Think of a life beyond these tangled seams,

Shout out loud and spread those wings

Into the liberated world of your dreams.

You may struggle and may fall

But stay put and stand tall.

Life is too short and frail

Dream on and set the sail

Just like the vast ocean that always

quietensĀ the storm

Even the seemingly verdict less life

has an outcome.