One of my favourite authors, Roald Dahl had famously stated,”Those who don’t believe in magic, will never find it.” Luckily, I do and last Saturday (07.06.2013) at 2:10 PM, I and hubby had the most magical moment of our lives when I brought to this world our roaring little princess.




Since then we have felt unprecedented, naked almost electric joy. A joy that no material comfort, money or achievement can ever bring. People ask me how’s the process of childbirth? And my answer is–it is transformative.

Your body goes through such a shocking journey whilst in labour that you would have greater respect for it. Its ability to slowly bring out the little life, its ability to contract and expand. But the change doesn’t stop there. It is emotional and spiritual too.

When you really, really strive that you would be a better person,a better example to your baby from day one. And yet in a strange way it makes you more vulnerable too.

Every time, my precious little one cries, my heart and my strong spirit dies thousand deaths. But fortunately, my lovely hubby and birthing partner knows how to calm this big baby down. I have also realised I would never need any drug or anything else to feel  inebriated. Her presence is quite intoxicating.  Sleeplessness and exhaustion (for both me and hubby) has been quite real. Sometimes, I feel I won’t be able survive another day but then she looks at me with her ginormous eyes and everything feels aces.

As a new mum, I have also felt a range of emotions: happiness, awe and even doubt. And in one of those moments of doubt, my precious little one the other day gave me a smile (or something resembling one) as if to re-assure me and say, “Don’t worry mum, we both are new to this and we both will do great.

So to all the mums out there–don’t worry you are doing great.

Thank you for reading my first post after delivery. Hope you enjoyed it. Please do give me your likes and comments. Have a great weekend.