If you have been following me on Instagram, you would know that I have dedicated this month to fitness and all the aspects related to it. After having my daughter, fitness has become even more important to me. Mind you, it is not about fitting into a certain size or thinking (wrongly) that it is all about starving oneself and being thin. For me, fitness means physical, mental and emotional strength. It makes you an overall better person. You can check the below pictures on how far I have come in a span of two years.

And if anyone tells you that you can become a small size overnight or drop 5,10, 15 kilos in a matter of days or weeks, they are clearly lying. There are also no shortcuts, it is determination, hard work and knowing what works for you.

black on black

Four months postpartum (2014)

The Athleisure trend


When we are talking about fitness, how can we forget a very crucial aspect–food. I must also confess that I am a foodie through and through, so if anyone even mentions the word: dieting, I run  in the opposite direction. When I was younger, I rarely thought of things like meal preparation and organising. Today, this is an integral part of my days. My friends always ask me how I manage it all (at least seemingly)–home, toddler, work, blogging, fitness etc. Like many of ordinary women, I also DO NOT have an army of help in terms of nannies, cleaners, nutritionists, regular personal trainers etc. So, how do I do it? Two words: Meal preparation. Plus, I also have the wonderful hubby, the man of the house who goes from board room to kitchen to gym with ease.

Meal preparation tips

When anyone says meal-preparation, sad images of rice and bland chicken comes in mind. But it could not be far from truth. So, without further ado my handy tips are:

  1. Make a plan: I generally list out things/recipes for the whole week on a Friday and note it down. Noting it down is important because otherwise we tend to forget things and from get go things can go haywire. List out things you want to eat in the coming week. List out breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.
  2. Grocery shopping: List out the ingredients you want to buy from your meal list. Stick to this whilst grocery shopping. Also, try and go grocery shopping with full stomach, most of the time when I shop in empty stomach, I end up having the snack aisle in the kitchen.
  3. Think Macros: Your macros are carbs, protein and fat. Everything essential. Whilst planning out your recipes, try and get a good mix of these macros. Add condiments and spices to make it delicious.
  4. Snack Simple:When you’re cooking everything for the week at once, it’s important to keep things simple. Save time by choosing snacks that don’t require a lot of time. Think fresh fruit, hard-boiled eggs, and pre-cut veggies with prepared hummus, nut butter with fruits, greek yogurt and smoothies.
  5. Take short cuts: Cut and keep veggies, marinate your protein and use the fridge/ freezer to store these ideas.
  6. Mix things up: No one likes routine, mixing things up is important to keep the momentum on and for your sanity.Plan on making two or three different dishes that you can alternate or mix-and-match throughout the week by adding different marinades/sauces, spices, different combinations/variations of the same thing you have prepared.
  7. Make ahead meals: Certain things can be made ahead and stored for a week. My favourite make ahead breakfast options are: overnight oats, bircher museli, egg muffins whilst favourite snack options are: fruits with greek yogurt/cottage cheese, homemade nut butter with bananas, protein bars and shakes.
  8. Relax: Do not think of meal preparation as a chore. If you feel that way take a break from the cycle, and get back to it when you are ready. It is important to understand that in fitness (and in life) you might fail but important thing is to get back at it without letting failure get onto you.

I hope these handy tips will help you get a better grip on fitness and allow you some time to yourself. Hey, it is not selfish. Often as women, we have been told that if we put ourself, our time and our wishes as a priority then we are being selfish. Let me tell you this: it is not. Heck, it is even important because happiness should be everyone’s right.

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I love Italian cuisine and spaghetti Bolognese is a yummy pasta dish that I heart. However, I actually don’t eat red meat (I usually substitute it with Quorn mince) and since I am trying to get fitter post baby, eating this decadent dish is actually out of question. Hence, I was chuffed to find that there is a healthier way to enjoy my favourite spaghetti pasta.  This recipe uses courgette as noodles instead of spaghetti.

For homemade pesto, blend in a mixer a handful of fresh basil along with 20g of walnuts and 20g of pine nuts, half clove of garlic and about two tablespoon of olive oil. Stir in salt, pepper and finely grated Parmesan. Keep it aside.

healthy dinner ideas

For the courgette noodles, thinly cut two courgettes in julienne style. Keep it aside.

Heat some oil in a pan. Add 400g of raw or peeled prawns and cook it in low heat. Add two cloves of chopped garlic and some chili flakes. I didn’t have any so I crushed Indian whole dried red chili with a mortar and pestle. Add half teaspoon of butter, salt, pepper and some lemon juice.  The whole thing should take about five minutes as prawns take less time to quick. Watch out for it to become pink which means prawns are cooked.

healthy dinner ideas

Take it out and heat about half teaspoon of oil. Cook the courgettes over medium heat for about two minutes. Stir in the pesto and mix it well. Add the cooked prawns and serve with some grated parmesan.

I served it with oven baked tomatoes you can use sun dried tomatoes too.

healthy dinner ideas

Prawns are high in proteins and also contain some important vitamins and minerals. They are quiet low in calories too hence perfect for postpartum women.

This recipe serves two. This recipe was originally showed in ITV’s Lorraine; I have personalised it wee bit. The original recipe can be found here.

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With the festive season finally upon us I am increasingly getting drawn to my not-so-new found love–baking. I love baking. I find it therapeutic. In a world, full of chaos and changes; baking is something that brings in some order. I take comfort in the fact that if you mix X amount of something with Y amount of something else, you are almost sure that you can create some magic right in your kitchen. Baking, hence is magical to me with room for inevitable perfection.

I love cup cakes but to be honest before this I thought it was next to impossible. Turns out not. I am a complete novice still learning the art of baking so I am rather happy (and proud) that I could whip up these beauties all by myself. They are alcohol free but full on taste so perfect for kids and those with kids this festive season.

Easy cupcakes recipe

To make about 12-13 cupcakes you will need: two eggs, 200 grams caster sugar, 200 grams self-raising flour, 110 grams butter, two teaspoon vanilla essence, 125 ml milk, 2 tablespoon cocoa powder

Start by creaming together butter and sugar. Slowly beat in the eggs one at a time. Mix it well with a hand blender.

Add the vanilla essence. Stir some of the flour and mix it well and once it is really mixed stir in the other half.

Repeat with milk. Stir in a wee bit first. Mix and stir in the rest and mix again. Now, the basic batter is ready. It should not be too thick nor too runny.

Divide the batter in two halves and to one half add the cocoa powder again in batches. The cocoa one will give you moist chocolate cup cakes. In short you are killing two birds with one stone.

Now take your cup cake baking tray, line it with cup cake paper case and fill 1/4th of the case with your mix. Use an ice cream scoop rather than spatula for ease.

Bake it for 20-25 minutes in 180 degree Celsius pre-heated oven. After 20 minutes do the skewer test. Insert a skewer or tooth pick and if it comes out clean you have a winner.

For icing, I have cheated a bit and have done it with store brought icing spray. Sprinkle some little hearts and keep it in the fridge for 20 minutes or so to let the icing set. Enjoy it with a cup of hot coffee or on its own.

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Harissa Chicken recipe

As a nursing mum there are days when I am ALWAYS hungry. Nursing is definitely the toughest form of exercise that I’ve done that sometimes makes me unimaginably tired. As a mum, I’ve also realised that at times I simply forget to eat and binge on unnecessary junk items.

To get my eating habits back on track and to keep myself energised throughout the day, I have started doing some things that’s helping me immensely: I keep myself well-hydrated, I eat small portions every two hours and most importantly, I always have a protein source in my main meals. I also go for recipes that are quick and easy to make. The other day, I experimented a bit and made this dinner. My version of Harissa Chicken is easy to make, delicious and most importantly nutritious. 

You will need: A portion of chicken breast, store brought Harissa paste, lettuce leaves, cucumber,1-2 cloves of garlic, salad tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes, cayenne pepper (optional) and bagel bread. 

Here’s how to make: 

1) Cut the chicken breast into bite sized portions and marinate it with 2-3 tablespoon of Harissa paste. Keep it aside for at least half an hour. 

2) While  the chicken is marinating, make your salad. Cut the cucumber, salad tomatoes and sun dried tomatoes. Mix in a touch of cayenne pepper. Drizzle some oil from sun dried tomatoes over the veggies. Give the salad a thorough mix. 

3) Heat a pan and add some olive oil (just a touch would do you can use spray oil if you wish). Take out the marinated chicken and cook it thoroughly for 5-10 mins. 

4) Cut the garlic clove into small pieces and roast it with some oil. You just need to brown it a bit. 

5) Put the cooked chicken and salad on a plate of lettuce leaf and garnish it with roasted garlic. 

6) Serve it with warm bagel bread and enjoy. 

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