“Create your own style…let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others”—Anna Wintour

If there is one accessory that every woman should have in their wardrobe it is the nifty scarf. No matter what the trends say, a scarf is one effortless piece of garment that can up the ante of any ensemble, throw in some personality to an outfit and take it to another level. I personally prefer the large ones in vibrant hues. Scarves have certain insouciance to them; it shows that there is an effortless element to you and your style.  I also love the fact that with one scarf you can create zillion looks.

When Monica asked me to review one of her scarves, I was chuffed. This handmade silk beauty with an exquisite print came in a beautifully wrapped white box; a small postcard told the story behind the print. The attention to detail really blew my mind.

How to wear silk scarves

In today’s post, I’ve used the scarf in four different ways but as I said when it comes to incorporating a scarf in your outfit the only limit you can have is that of your imagination. So, ladies bring out those beautiful pieces of clothes that is gathering dust in your wardrobe (I know you have them!) and have some fun twisting, knotting and turning your scarves and breathe some new life to them.

The Drape:

How to tie silk scarves

For this look, I’ve made a tiny knot in the centre of the scarf and turned into a triangle. Then I have put it around my neck and have simply taken the ends to opposite sides. This is my favourite and every day look.

The Vest:

How to tie silk scarves

This is a great style for summer however with the festive season upon us; I would use this style with my evening dress to keep me covered yet not reduce the beauty of my dress. Simply tie two ends of the same side and voila you have turned your silk scarf into a DIY vest.

The head scarf:

how to tie silk scarves

Turn your neck scarf into a head scarf for some old style Hollywood glamour. Think Audrey Hepburn in 1963’s classic Charade. Turn a square scarf into a triangle and place the longest end on your crown. Take the other two ends to opposite sides all the way to back and tie a knot to secure it. Bring the left over bit from behind to front.

The Everyday Style:

how to tie silk scarves

Scarf: Monaara c/o, top: H&M old, White Jacket: Columbia (old), Blazer: Next (old)

Simply throw your scarf around your neck to keep it simply yet chic. I prefer this way when used with a blazer. It is power dressing with some down-to-earth charm.

This post is sponsored by Monaara. The opinions are my own.

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