They say human beings have both masculine and feminine qualities in them. In fashion, nothing reflects this universal truth than the quintessential androgyny look. Androgyny and fashion has been doing the rounds for decades. In fact, Hollywood icon Katherine Hepburn was an early pioneer of this look and appeared frequently in the early 1900’s wearing buttoned down shirts and trousers; the last couple of catwalks have proved that this look is not going to die anytime soon. Boyfriend jeans are an easy way to incorporate this look and I am told it is a style darling favoured by women from all walks of life.

But I have always looked at Boyfriend Jeans with trepidation feeling it will not compliment my curves. I thought I will pass on this style and just enjoy seeing other girls prattle around their “masculine” side. However, in the spirit of experimenting I tried on this uber-cool number and BOY am I hooked?

Nothing excites more than a versatile piece of garment and boyfriend jeans are exactly that. You can dress up or dress down and come up with thousand ways to wear this style.

Look 1: Casual Chic

Here, I’ve paired my jeans with a comfy Tee and leather sandals to keep it casual. A big satchel with polka dots brings an element of playfulness. I’ve added some “girly” accessories like bangles, dangling earrings and a large cocktail ring for some feminine touch.




Jeans and Tee: Ralph Lauren, Satchel: Fat Face, Sandals: Clarks, Watch: Husband’s, Bangles: India, Lips: Creme Del a Femme, Mac, Ring: BHS

Look 2: Femme Fatale.

Here, it is all about channelising your inner goddess and yet keeping the focus on the boy friend jeans. I love the white on white look and this is my own rendition to this trend. A white casual blazer should be a wardrobe essential; it screams of understated sophistication. Throw in some accessories and shoes in eye popping colours like coral and you will feel every bit like a Femme Fatale.

white jacket

white jacket1

white jacket3

Jeans: Ralph Lauren, Vest: H&M, Blazer: Gap, Necklace: Fat Face, Wedges: New Look, Clutch: India Mumbai, Shades: Oscar De La Renta, Lips: Bodyshop lip gloss in Deerlicious Fuchsia

Of the two, my favourite is definitely the second look but I can totally see myself pulling the first one when I’ve to run to do errands or simply do some mall-walking.

And to all the girls who think their curves will not let them try this look. Pish-Posh. If you have it rock it 😉

I wrote this poem after the brutal gang-rape and subsequent death of a 23-year-old in Delhi.  Yes, India is a land of paradoxes but no where it is felt more than in our treatment towards women. We pray to God and Goddess for sons. We celebrate our Goddesses only to ill-treat our women. Agreed not everyone is like that, agreed that not all families think of women as burden but by and large in India women are second citizens. I wrote this keeping our own prejudices in mind. Shakti in Hindu mythology is the personification of the great creative power. She is the great divine mother; the epitome of cosmic power and sacred force. She is revered and feared in equal measures. I imagined a place where even Shakti is crying because her daughters are abused and made to feel inferior in every step. I’ve tried to reflect this through this poem.

With her beatific smile and eighteen arms

Carrying many weapons and riding a tiger

Tall and proud.

She is the supreme goddess;

The slayer of all demons and evil.

The Mahadevi, she inspires fear.

People throng to pray to her.

To absolve their sins.

Spending hours singing her glory.

They beat their chests.

Cry hoarse.

For her kindness.

Her Gentleness.

The invincible answers

Smiling enigmatically.

But today the smile is gone.

Throwing her weapons.

A tear falls.

She is crying a silent cry.

For her daughters

who are attacked

their dignity taken.

Their gender treated

as a curse.

Teased and taunted.

Battered and raped.

Demeaned and killed

by the same men who

pray to her.

Yes.  Shakti cries

Hoping and praying

for her darling daughters’