If Motherhood was supposed to be easy; it wouldn’t start with labor.”

When I was pregnant, one of my favourite things to do was to watch Look Who’s talking series of movies on repeat. Ever since the birth of my daughter, I keep wondering what is going in her lovely little head and what all she would say if she could talk. So my overactive mind and imagination has put together this list of what babies would say if they could talk.

Image Via Google Images

Image Via Google Images

On Parents:

“So, this lady with my big milk bottle is the mom and the clueless guy beside her is the dad??!”

On the sudden laughter for no reason:

“I do not want to come across as a diva but I am sitting on my own poop. So mom come and change me.”

On funny face after farting in public:

“Ooops…my bad!”

On nursing that goes on forever:

I haven’t finished yet. More boobies!!

On mommy relaxing/trying to sleep/ going to pee:

If mommy goes out of my sight for a second, I will scream and bring the house down or I will poop. Hmmm. Buhhahaha

On sweet smiles for no reason:

Don’t get so excited and squeal;  I just passed wind.

On waking up inside the crib:

I had slept on mom. How did I end up here???

On breast milk and satisfactory smile after that:

It must be the milk talking but I love you ma’am.

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Being a mum, not so surprisingly is a very busy job. When you are a mum and taking care of an infant, everything gets reduced to essentials and it is important to prioritize your time rather well. So here, I have put together a quick hair care routine that will keep your hair’s health intact whilst saving you some precious mommy minutes so that you can concentrate on really important things like peeing in silence ;). Of course, this is not just for mums but for all the beautiful busy ladies out there.


Day 1:

Day 1, I shampoo and condition my hair. I also apply a small bit of John Freida’s curling cream; I blow dry my hair in low settings to create waves. The main reason I blow dry is to instantly dry my hair; tying wet hair will only make it weak, brittle and frizzy. I have recently cut my hair short so it takes about 15 minutes.

Day 2:

Both water and excessive heat are the biggest enemies if you want good hair. So, for the second day, I use dry shampoo and Argan oil and give my roots a slight massage and style it as I wish. The whole thing takes five minutes.

Day 3:

Day three, I fashion a quick mommy knot a.k.a the messy top knot. I first apply a bit of Argan oil then simply take all my hair almost to my crown. I twist it into a bun and secure it with a band. To soften the look, I fluff my crown with my finger tips and take out some hair from front. This is another five minute hairstyle that’s high on style and easy to put together.

This quick three day routine is really helping me to take care of hair loss as it requires less water and heat.

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winter skin care routine

Autumn-Winter means giving extra TLC to my skin. As a new mum still dealing with postpartum hormones it means an added challenge and taking that extra step to keep my skin healthy and energized. To combat skincare woes I swear by certain products and have a quick and easy regimen.

Immediately after shower, I lather myself in good old Johnson’s baby oil. The oil is great to give my skin a good dollop of hydration and keep it supple like my daughter’s. I also use Bio oil especially to get rid of itchy skin, uneven skin tone and the stretch marks that I got thanks to pregnancy and delivery.

My face is a whole different story. At times it feels like an oil-field and at times it is dry like paper. I have also developed heightened sensitivity to certain ingredients hence need something which is free of parabens. This Garnier Moisture Moist mattifying cream fits my needs perfectly. I apply a pound size amount to my face daily and it keeps it fresh, oil-free and fresh. I also use the Bodyshop Tea tree blemish fade night lotion to keep blemishes at bay and to ensure that my face doesn’t become too oily during the day.

To finish my daily skin care ritual, I use the Born Lippy Lip balm from Bodyshop for the perfect pout.

This is my fool-proof autumn-winter skin care ritual. What’s yours? Don’t forget to share.

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Being a first time mom (FTM) is hard enough not only you are bringing up a brand new human being but you are dealing with a plethora of challenges from sleep deprivation to body image issues to a loss of identity. It is no wonder FTMs can feel and act like total zombies. The challenges notwithstanding there are things that people will tell  a FTM  knowingly or unknowingly, jokingly or seriously that just should NOT be said. So read on and find out my list of things that a FTM just doesn’t want to hear (and possible retorts). I must say this post does not mean any malice and should be taken with a pinch of salt and a dollop of humour.

Image Via Google Images

Image Via Google Images

1) Oh, seems like there is a second one down there.

“At least I had a baby, what’s your excuse?”

2) Wow. I had a restful night.

“Good for you. Do you really have to rub it in???”

3) Why is the baby crying so much . Do you have enough milk (breast)??

“Yes, I do. Shall I spray it on you?”

4) When will you have the second one?

“Hmph!! Like I have the energy to make the second one!!”

5) Is she a good baby??

“What is a “good” baby? The one who doesn’t cry?”

6) Sleep when the baby sleeps.

“Really. And when should I eat, shower and go to the loo!!”

7) Are you going back to work ever?

“I won’t. Is that a problem?”

8) I am so over worked and tired.

“Really unless you pushed a desk out of your vagina and are making sure it is growing well….not the same thing.”

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She was living a dream

Captain of her Ship,

Master of her life.

Danced her own dance

To music only she could hear.

Engrossed in her solitude

Life passed her like a gradual wave.

She walked alone

Along the pathless woods,

She slept alone

Under the starry skies.

Never wavering.

Never floundering.  

Then came a traveler

Stumbled on her path.

A dreamer that

became a song her head.

Playing like a stuck record.

The tune increasing the

Crescendo with every step.

His tune no different from hers,

Yet so unlike.

Like a giant ocean

The traveler kissed her away

To a dreamland

Beyond her little world

Beyond her solitude.

Beyond her dream.


 PS: This poem is joint effort by my sister and me. Hope you enjoyed it. 

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