Nostalgia has kicked in and before going on my break, I thought I will do two nostalgia posts. Here, I bring to you my top travels of this year. French writer, Gustav Flaubert, has once said, “Travel makes one modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” This year was all about that realisation and broadening my horizons intellectually and spiritually; something which traveling always teaches me.

Travel and Living

1. Kerala: It is God’s own country after all.

2. Amsterdam: The coolest and the most liberal city I visited this year.

3. Paris: Because Paris is always a good idea.

4. Longleat Safari Park: As I am a through and through nature’s girl.

5. Barcelona: A vibrant city which teaches you the art of doing nothing, enjoying everything and living.

6. Ibiza: Not just a clubbing heaven but pristine beaches, sparkling blue Mediterranean waters and scrumptious food.

7. London: My new work place and perhaps the most pulsating city in the world where you can never get bored.

8. Bombay: Truly a city that never sleeps and as Dorothy said, “there is no place like home.”

9. Oxford: A wonderful walking city and the seat of knowledge and learning.

Hope my next year is also as adventurous as this one and I am able to tick off few more places in my travel bucket list.

Have a great day and wish you all a Happy New Year.




In the jungle, the mighty jungle the Lion sleeps tonight. I saw the Lion (and many other Wild animals) at the Longleat Safari Park. I’ve never understood why we call wild animals beastly. For me, they are mighty and beautiful. 





If you’re an outdoorsy person and nature lover like me then you should put Longleat Safari Park in Wiltshire, UK high up in your list. Opened in 1966, it is the first drive-through Safari Park outside Africa. Situated in the grounds of the stately Longleat House, the Park is home to over 500 animals. Spread over 9,000 acres of Wiltshire countryside the Safari Park gives you a great chance to get close (but not too close) with jungle king, queens and an army of other wild animals. The animals roam free whilst you are the caged one (your cars). With its undulating green, velvety roads and a sense of serenity everywhere; the place can calm even the busiest nerves. Longleat Safari Park has something for everyone from the main Park to the historical Longleat House to the unmissable Hedge Maze.




As our car passed through its various winding roads and I saw many wild animals; the realisation hit me that there can be no greater inspiration than wilderness itself.