I rarely like to explain my poetry or mindless musings as I call it but when I put this on my personal Facebook page, I was beyond surprised by all the kind words and encouragement. I thank all of my lovely friends and readers for being so wonderful. I love love stories and this one just came to my head rather randomly. Hope you enjoy it 🙂

After years he met her and was struck by her beauty. A beauty not found in books and magazines. Her eyes still danced but a slow, sensual waltz. Her face had tiny lines but her smile had a mystery. She laughed with nary a care for the world and her soul often joined. Her body was imperfect but those curves could twist anyone’s mind. She was the music and the muse. She was the poetry waiting to be told. And he knew he was in love. Stronger than ever.

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Inside the crowded tube,
Amidst the sea of people,
their eyes met
their lips curled into a smile
a word was exchanged
lost in the humdrum of noise.
And the sweet moment
came to an abrupt halt.
They parted ways knowing
they will never meet again
Yet the tiny moment of stolen
remained etched in their memories
to bring a smile on sleepless nights.


Her eyes, his lips
Her palm, his hands
Her whispers, his promises
Her God, his Goddess
Her curves, his embrace
under the black starry skies
amidst the soft kissing winds
the two melted into each other
and became one.

I like  how your eyes drink me when I am looking away,

How your fingers caress my unruly curls when I sleep,

The way you speak my thoughts, without me saying a word,

And how your laughter fills me with joy when everything else seems lost 🙂