“The Joy of dressing is an art”—John Galliano

Last Friday we celebrated Spring Equinox—the first day of spring. But as I write this sitting comfortably with a duvet thrown over me, I can see mist stubbornly hanging on a dark, velvety night sky. Sunshine and spring seems to be forever teasing this part of the world.

Spring fashion

Spring or not, I decided to don this lovely floral number with blue background and a spiffy embellished necklace on the neckline for a day out with the family. Floral dresses are my go-to style for spring and summer. They can be so easily dressed up or dressed down. If you are not too keen to go all out with floral print then I suggest to start small and throw in floral accessories or separates with small floral motifs. Work your way up as you find your confidence (and comfort) with this style.

spring fashion ideas

spring style ideas

Here, I’ve kept it fairly simple with big earrings, a messy side braid (which got messier thanks to the wind), minimal make up (as I was too tired to make an effort to be honest), kitten heels in dull gold and a bright yellow bag (my favourite).

spring fashion ideas

Dress: Monsoon, Bag: New Look, Earrings: From India (gifted)

As a busy mum of a little baby, I usually don’t have the luxury of time to dress. Usually it is a matter of grab a dress, put and go. At the same time, I would like to look good and feel confident. This kind of fuss-free style hence is a mantra I live by these days. It puts a spring in me step (pardon the pun) literally within minutes.

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“Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together.”—Elizabeth Taylor

 Print clash trend

Once upon a time, wearing clashing prints, textures and patterns was considered a big fashion faux pas. However, fashion has a way to adapt and change instantly; hence clashing prints is so longer considered as style eccentricity and has become the de rigueur.

As mentioned here, it will be one of the key trends in the coming months. 70s inspired, House of Holland show at the recently concluded LFW showcased this look in a very interesting avatar. So, what are you waiting for? Bring out your prints and let the clashing madness begin.

print clash trend

As with any trend, you need to remember few rules. Mixing spots with stripes or stripes with floral are two easiest ways but if you really want to up the ante then mix vibrant patterns in colours that complement each other or has one “leading” colour.


Here, I have paired my bold graphic print bodycon dress with a floral skirt. Black is the dominant colour in both the skirt and the top (dress worn as top). To complete the look, I’ve used simple accessories like a black-silver cuff and earrings, my brown bucket bag and simple peep toe wedges.

clashing prints

Skirt: Next (old) similar, Dress: Marks &Spencer, Bag: Zara

I personally love this trend as it reminds of simpler times when you didn’t have to think too much about ways to look and feel good. Plus, I am a bit partial to anything quirky 😉

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“Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them.” — Marc Jacobs

I have been MIA for some days but I celebrated my birthday last Friday and I had too many things to finish before celebrating getting older.

As I stated here, I am consciously trying to take risks. This ensemble is way beyond my comfort zone. I am a complete dress girl; dresses are my go-to garment for special occasions. However, this year I really wanted to wear something different for my big day. Keeping in mind, that I am almost always on my toes thanks to feisty eight month old, I opted for something a bit more practical yet with a dollop of fun.



Florals are one of the key trends for this season. From Carolina Herrera to Louis Vuitton it was clear that flower is really a power to be reckoned with. Big and beautiful or small and abstract, floral look this time comes with a dash of bold femininity.



To personalise this trend, I’ve gone for dark floral trousers with pretty pink flowers. A dark colour is a great way to try on floral trousers. I’ve paired it with a black blouse in chiffon. A soft fabric like chiffon lends any ensemble a gravitas; it is also great for curvy figures. Androgyny looks are having a moment these days and this is a great way for experimenting with androgynous look while keeping it feminine too. I have accessorised with pink statement earrings, sparkly bangles and a pink clutch (actually it is a satchel).



Trousers, top and earrings: Debenhams, Bag: leather satchel company, shoes: asos

If you have been wondering about floral trousers then I would say drop all your inhibitions and go get them as they are surprisingly versatile. For a casual look you can pair it with a tee. If you want something more edgy pair it leather tee. For a feminine look, pair with a white tunic. The options are limitless.

So don’t be afraid, go grab a pair and thank me later because this might just become your favourite look.

A word about photography: we were really hoping for getting this shoot done outside. But each time we stepped out, it would start raining. I had to keep postponing it until I finally decided to do it inside the building itself. Ha! Problems of a fashion blogger.

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“People will stare make it worth their while.”—Harry Winston

The past week Britain continued to feel the chill thanks to the cold wave. However, instead of complaining about my almost numb fingers and toes, I thought why not actually try and enjoy the season, if only for a tiny bit. After all, if you can’t beat them; join them right? So, I fished out this gem of a coat from my wardrobe and played around with it. Faux fur is one of favourite items. I have dressed it here, here and here.

faux fur fashion-9

faux fur fashion2-9

Faux fur is a trend that refuses to die. Each year it comes back in different avatars as trend makers and followers are just too eager to put it in the style map time after time. I definitely feel that with its obvious chic factor; it is an irrefutable shorthand to glamour.  It puts a pop of sophistication to a plain outfit and also takes a great ensemble to another level. At the same time, it has an undisputed edge to it.

faux fur fashion1-9

faux fur fashion3-9

In my outfit today, I have gone for layering (loads of) and used my faux fur coat for an elegant yet rebellious finish. I have worn it over a vest, thermal roll neck and an animal motif sweater. I have paired it with DIY ripped jeans. As it was an all black look, I decided to use my sugar-hued coat almost as afterthought. To finish, I have used woolen gloves, a simple clutch and leopard print boots. If you have been reading/following my blog, you would know that I love animal prints especially from the cat family.

faux fur fashion4-9

Coat: Select fashion (old), sweater: H &M (similar), roll neck: trespass, jeans: DIY, booties: M&S (sold out). 

So who says winter dressing has to be boring? With my handy tips you can definitely heat up even the coldest day. I love taking style pictures in ramshackle almost staid background. Here, I have used a parking lot (hence the sign). What can I say? I love contradicting factors.

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“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” —Yves Saint Laurent

I have been a little slow with style posts. It hasn’t been intentional but juggling baby, studies and work leaves me utterly without any minute some days. However, without delving into lengthy excuses I will dive straight into the outfit post and the inspiration behind it. Britain, as some of you are aware, is under a massive cold wave and this weekend we were finally treated to a wee bit of snow.

Dressing up for extreme cold/snow has been my biggest fashion quandary. How do you dress smartly and look good while making sure you do not freeze to death? Answer: clever layering and a military style, khaki coloured parka. Military influence in fashion is so persistent that we almost do not notice it. This season too it is a look that sees no signs of dying down.


On spring catwalk, Marc Jacob’s show was quite memorable as he turned his models into an army who strutted down in his military-inspired collection. Designer Jason Wu showcased camo prints with panache; my favourite however was Ralph Lauren who effortlessly mixed androgynous military style with femininity of ball gowns.



A parka jacket/coat is one of the easiest ways to wear this trend and the high street has a plethora of varieties suiting every budget. Here, I have paired my parka with my trusty Levis jeans and boots. I have worn a vest, basic cardigan and a tee underneath the parka . This utilitarian look is all about practical elements so I have added a bold, leopard print scarf and statement earrings to put a chic spin to the look.



Parka: New look, Jeans: Levis, Boots: Timberland, Scarf: H&M, Bag: Zara

Lesson learnt from this look? You can be practical yet chic and more importantly you can keep yourself wonderfully warm without sacrificing style.

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